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AD-5 (A-1E) 1/48 Tamiya+Matchbox

Hi All,

I would like to present my latest completion: the Big Face Spad. AD-5 (A-1E). The build were kitbashed from the infamous and vintage AD-5. There are 1/32 resin conversion set from Fisher Model for Trumpeter 1/32 Sky raider but over my budget.

One of the most difficult task is to merge lower potion of Tamiya to the upper of MB. The cockpit is super spartan and needs lots of attention due to the big canopy. Resin seats are True Details, other from scratch. Caracal decal was used as Viet Nam Airforce.

Wheel bays need to round re-shaped, taxi lights added to left wing and many things else to recreate the correct A-1E.
Let the pics speak for it self ! Hope you will like it !

29 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses

  1. Awesome, you were brave taking on this project. We really need a mainstream decent kit of this version. You made it happen and it came out great. Great details. Like all that you did!

  2. Fantastic looking result, sir...outstanding work indeed - I love it!

  3. Nguyen, beautifully done! A cheaper alternative would be the Monogram A-1 wings, provided you can find one. Cobra Company had a resin interior for this, Lone Star Models(Mike West) now have their molds. Agree with Paul we need a "Family Model/Station Wagon" A-1E. Sin loi!

  4. Absolutely FABULOUS. You have done an amazing job on this. WELL DONE!

  5. Very nice, Nguyen. My uncle got shot down over Laos in one of those. Luckily rescued almost immediately. He says he much preferred the single seat Spad because flying the ā€œEā€ from the left seat meant poor visibility on the right side. Great work and thanks for sharing!

  6. this is a wonderful project, superiorly painted and weathered. The Skyraider is not my thing (still have the tamiya box longing in the stash for years), but I can recognize a good model when I see one ( or I like think so šŸ™‚ ) Fantastic looking model!

  7. Very nicely done with much attention to detail. Indeed a fine looking SPAD.

  8. Nguyen, an excellent looking Skyradier, and the over all conversion is very well done. Love seeing these guys all loaded up !, Well done.

  9. Lots of good work has resulted in an above average model, great conversion.

  10. That's a gorgeous dump truck! Love the work you put into it, and gave me a great idea seeing how you made use of aluminum foil - very creative. Love the weathering also.

  11. Having done this conversion myself, I know how difficult it is. You've done a really great model here, with lots of talent and skill on display.

    FWIW, Lone Star Models bought the Cobra Company conversions, and has re-released the excellent Cobra Company resin cockpit for the A-1E. Also, Falcon Models did a vacuform canopy which is included in one of their US Navy canopy sets, I forget which one.

  12. Nguyen, this is a GREAT AD-5 (A1-E)! I love all versions of the plane. Yours looks beautifully crafted and painted.It's pretty amazing when, at the beginning of WWII, the B-17 4 engine bomber carries only 2 tons of bombs at its longest distance, and by the END of the war (even though they missed the war, they were developed DURING it) a single engine aircraft can carry the same load by itself! And carry it from an aircraft carrier to boot!

    Beautifully done, Nguyen! Bravo!

  13. AWESOME. All good...but special compliment on cockpit with focus on those seats which look particularly well-done.

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