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Hasegawa 1/72nd SH-60B Seahawk USN HSL-41

April 16, 2018 · in Aviation · · 15 ≡

As a former "rotor head" in the US Navy, I had been accumulating a few Navy helo kits to the stash. Back in the early 90's there were plenty of Blackhawks but not much in the Seahawk variants until produced this kit in their 72nd series. I built this around 03. An early SH-60B, it is strictly out of the box, kit decals were used. Built when I was not logging all my WIPS and before I had a camera that had any settings for close in shots. Pretty basic kit, bang seats, you can pose the RH front cockpit door open, and the RH crew side door. I left them close as the there was nothing to show on the inside. The seats were awful, so I used the pilot and co-pilot. The kit offered two schemes, an early White over Gull Grey scheme and a tactical paint scheme (TPS) of Lt Ghost Grey (36375), Med Blue Grey (35237) over Lt Grey (36495), which is the scheme I chose using Aeromaster Acrylics (Warbird Colors). The images used are a mix of pics taken at the time of completion and updated pics taken recently as she is today. You will notice I did not have the towed MAD sensor mounted on its pylon on the RH side on the original pics, I had since installed it when I finally found time to do so. Overall a fun but basic kit to build, since then we now have Hobby Boss and Italeri with Seahawk kits in this scale with different variants available. I did pick up another Hasegawa kit, different box, same kit same decals. But this time I went with some upgrades. This I will present next time. Thanks for viewing.

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  1. Looks good, Chuck...I find sometimes those rotary wing builds are harder that fixed wing.

  2. Thanks Craig, yes I do agree on that, helo's even the 72nd scale seems to be quite a task, especially when it comes to the cockpit and glass portion of the project.

  3. Looks great, Chuck! I've never seen one done like yours, with gray on EVERYTHING, including main rotor and tail blades.


  4. Nice looking Seahawk Chuck, whoever said grey is dull was wrong.

    • Whats nice about this is that the helo looks busy when parked compared to let say an F/A-18 that is all grey, and not a CAG bird but a drab line bird that is all dull and grey. It has to be the rotor. That gives it character.

  5. 50 shades of grey. Sexy chopper, Chuck - thanks for sharing.

  6. Nice Seahawk! Great to see one built. I too find helo's more of a challenge to build.

    • Thanks Robert, and yes they can be that is why I can only build one at a time and then when finished it takes awhile to work on another one. Though I would love to get another one started soon.

  7. Chuck, good looking Seahawk! Turned out well.

  8. Hard to think something so 'grey' could look this good! Fantastic Chuck!

  9. Another nice one, even in the "drap" grey! Nothing drab to me about war paint...

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