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1/72 Revell/Matchbox T-2C Buckeye VT-19 NAS Maridian 1975

Entering service in 1959, utilizing the wing design of the FJ-1 Fury and controls similar to the T-28, over the years the trained thousands of naval aviators. finally being phased by the T-45 Goshawk in 2004.

's 2009 reboxing, the kit is typical , deep panel lines of what little there are. The decals are quite good though, the best part of the kit! Built out of the box except for a couple of Fujimi F-4 seats. I've included a comparison photo with a FJ-1to show the wing, and a couple of other related shots. The second live shot, I actually took at NAS Key West in 1993.

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Very nicely done, Robert! I love the white & day-glo orange paint schemes and you did this one very well.

  2. Good lookin' build, the additional pics, too.

  3. Very color-full, looks good Robert, nicely done.

  4. Great looking Buckeye, Robert! And I love the backdrop poster of all the trainers over the USS Lexington to boot...

  5. Very nice! I have two of these - both a Matchbox and a Revell re-box - and a set of TwoBobs decals. They were on deck for a while a year or so ago, and I got distracted. This is nudging me to get un-distracted!

  6. Hello Robert,
    With the exceptional sharp finish of this Revell model, it is proved again, that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on an nice model.
    My highest compliments. Dirk / The Netherlands.

  7. Good job, Robert.

  8. Pretty looking Buckeye, Robert. Nice job.

  9. Some nice work, and photos here, Robert. Great to see this little kit built up!
    I have a couple in my stash - love the orange and white scheme.

  10. Beautifully painted, doesn’t look at all like a matchbox kit, it sure fools me.

  11. Well you know how I feel about Navair! Beautiful job!

  12. I logged some hours in the T-2 and since I have always loved this jet. I remember waiting for years for a decent T-2 model in any scale. Then I came across the matchbox version many years ago. I hated the lack of detail in the model so I went nuts trying to fabricate details, cut out flaps, etc. This was before any after-market stuff was available. So your matchbox build, which is outstanding, brought back many good memories for me, as well as, the frustrating of wanting a good T-2 model. Great job, Great Paint job and overall finish. She came out well.

    Since then we now have several choices in all scales. I recently built a 1/48 version of the T-2. Here is a few pics of her.

    5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  13. This is probably my favorite build that you have posted Robert ! Well done my friend. I like it a lot. It reminds me of a 1/72 scale F9F Cougar I built as a kid with very similar markings...
    Two thumbs up Sir. The back ground poster is a plus...

  14. ah. NAS Meridian, Miss. Loved my time there in the summer of 1984. The Buckeyes and Skyhawks, you captured the T-2 and its character. Great job on a kit that doesn't get much of anything. A workhorse day in and day out. You know no one just jumps into any front line aircraft in service until logging several hours on a T-2. I remember seeing the anxiety on a few faces when it was their turn to go off to the boat and try to land for the first time on a carrier. Even after hours of touch n goes on the runway. Trust me it was hair raising for me just sitting in the back seat landing on a carrier for the first time in an F-14. Outstanding Robert and inspirational.

    • Glad you liked it, As F-4 plane captain, getting a bear hug from our XO after recovering on a misty night with a pitching and rolling deck, he was just glad to be back on deck, I learned to appreciate all that the aircrews endured.

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