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USS Indianapolis

This is my rendering of the (CA-35) after her refit at Mare Island, CA in 1945.

The kit is # 14107 by Model in scale. It hosts many P/E parts from and EDU. The 20 mm twin guns + the main battery gun barrels are from Model Master. The figures are from . It is painted Model Master Dark sea blue and Tamiya Haze Grey for the vertical surfaces and Vallejo Model Air Deck Blue (my color mix) for all horizontal surfaces.

The seascape base is aluminum foil and tissue paper over a Styrofoam base with matte medium then by surrounded with a mahogany basswood frame.

The "INDY" was the last major ship sunk in WWII and the wreckage was located in the fall of 2017.

Any comments are welcome , will help in future builds!


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14 responses

  1. Your "seascape" turned out pretty well...I could never get the hang of that gel stuff myself. The only one I ever tried was made from crinkled up aluminum foil and painted. Didn't come out as good as this one, though. Nice job.

  2. Wow, color me hugely impressed! I love the detail. The 40-mike-mike mounts are superb. Love what you did with the hangar and folding up the SC-1. Very realistic posing of the ship in the water. I really really like this!

  3. Beautifully done, Eugene! I like it all. I live in Indianapolis and as you can imagine, the USS Indianapolis is an important part of our city's history.

    Well done!

  4. Jeff
    Thank you for your comments, notice the signal flag call letters too, from neighboring state.

    • I'll have to take your word for this. I know NOTHING about the meaning of the various flags and their use. The only flag-like thing that was on my tank was a small, stuffed doll of Saddam Hussein my Driver hung from one of our 2 antennas. We had a small, joyful ceremony before we "executed" him by hanging. It lasted the entire time of our tour during Desert Storm. Everyone who saw it enjoyed it and the message it conveyed. I wish I had a photo of it.

  5. Good looking build!

  6. Very nice! I like the alu base you made!

  7. Michel, Greg and Robert thank you
    onto next build: std dauntless, need to clean workbench first to many books, unused parts etc!

  8. Lots of work, especially in the detailing and sea base, great looking model.

  9. George,Thank you workbench is clean and clear off to make more room for reference material for next build!

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