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Fokker D.VII Valom 1:144

May 25, 2018 · in Aviation · · 13 Comments

My first plane in scale from the Great War

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

13 responses

  1. Where's the rigging! Only kidding - still impressive at that scale! The lozenge camo with blue fuselage stands out really well.

  2. Well...I see a couple of blades of grass out of place...yeah, that one right there--no, to the right. Yep. Better luck next time. Good effort for a beginner, though.


    This thing is amazing. I'd be busting proud of that in 1:72 scale. Fantastic work!

  3. Eye sight madness! Great job !

  4. Incredible. I really have no idea how you managed to get that camouflage done so well in such a small scale. Fabulous skill, Artur.

  5. Outstanding, Artur! It looks more like a larger scale, say 1/72nd.

  6. Amazing workmanship - especially in THAT scale!

  7. Looks good Artur, where do you find a space for it ? !

  8. Great work Artur, my eye sight couldn't do something that small. I like it.

  9. wow, so cool. SO small yet perfect job, good detail, great finish!

  10. Great work but no one is ever going to convince me this scale works for other than multi-engine big airplanes. I have seen numerous really nice models made from 1/144 kits, and the scale is such that they make my "serious modeler" skin crawl for their lack.

  11. WW1 stuff looks small in 1/48 scale (compared to the WW2 things I have next to them), but in this scale that is TINY! excellent work! I could never attempt that. Really looks great!

  12. Thank you for the kind words

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