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Work on F-4C 1/48 ACADEMY

Long time from my last model so lets see my new almost finished project. Finish date aprox 14 days 🙂 so lets see what i have done so far...

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  1. What is the purpose of the red and violet panels in the first picture?
    I can't see the effect of them in the later pictures. Was it an experiment that failed, or is it something that you don't see on the photos?

    • Test and result is that this type of preparation Is absolutly uselles for non aluminium camouflage 😉 next F-4C i Will try somethink different 😉

      • I have had good luck using that pre-shade technique with most colors, actually better luck with non-metallic finishes for me...LOL. I find that I sometimes defeat the purpose of it by not applying my base coats more carefully. Sometimes I dont thin the base coat enough and I cover the pre-shading more then I wanted, or I just go to heavy over it. Somtimes it the colors I use that makes a difference for pre-shading, but for the most part I use it 100% these days. Sorry u were not more satisfied with it.

  2. Beautiful work, sir...a labor of love for sure. And who doesn't love Phantoms? 🙂

  3. I started to building one,with some resin add ons from Aires,still is in progress. Your work looks great, especially the way you doing preshading. Spectacular.

  4. Looking great - and thanks for the honesty about your pre-shading experiment - save us all some extra work!

  5. nice model so far, looking really good. I like your pre-shade work, similar to my approach. Doing a nice job with those fine extra details being added. I also have the Academy F-4 but NAVY version. I have been waiting for ever to give it a go, seems like a really nice kit. How has your build experience been so far? Any advice before I build her?

    • Only problem on this model Is air intake for engines but i discover solution for this :)first cut off front partinon of inner panel, it will help you in making camo cos its hard to spray it behind them.second cut off that piece that conect intakes to lover plate of wings it will greatly helps you in puting model together And finnaly sorry for my grammar 😉

      2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  6. Nice work Leos - I tend to view all experiments as a success - you always learn something from the outcome - good to see your approach to the intake issues. I have a half completed F4-J on the shelf - I might be persuaded to get it down and finish it !
    SEA scheme looks nice!

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