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1/48 Monogram Pro-Modeler F-84 Thunderjet

This is a fairly older model I finally decided to build last year. It sat in my stash for many years. I do apologize for the terrible picture quality, unfortunately they are the only pictures I have left of this model. The model was sold some time ago.

The kit is molded in light gray styrene and presented on four parts trees, plus one tree of clear parts. This kit has been released in the boxing, a Pro-Modeler boxing, and a Revell/Germany boxing in addition to the Revell one. The tooling is later generation, so it does feature scribed details.

Options include:

Positionable flaps
Positionable speed brakes
Underwing external fuel tanks or bombs
Underwing rockets
RATO bottles
Positionable canopy
Choice of early (unframed) or late (framed) canopy
Optional standing pilot figure

Assembly is almost a snap (glue required) but I don't recall any real fit problems. The wings mate to the wing using interlocking main spars that ensure that the wing and fuselage match-up nicely.

The kit features a nicely detailed cockpit, gear wells, and speed brake well. The kit offers weighted wheels, which was a relatively new option in aircraft kits at the time.

From what I remember this was a nice, straight forward easy build. It was built OOB using the kit's decals. The fit was good and the OOB detail was great. The surface detail is very nice and overall it is a very good kit especially for the low cost of the kit when on the shelves. The kit also included the decent pilot figured shown in the picture. This scheme required the use of many colorful decals which stated earlier are the stock decals. Considering their age they performed flawlessly and look great. I always use decal solutions and it helped them settle nicely even around the complex shapes of this model.

The overall finish is done with the newer acrylic Vallejo Metal Color line. Various shades were airbrushed over a dark-grey acrylic primer. I really love the performance of this line of metallic colors. They are very easy to apply and IMHO look decent. They are also resistant to handling and resist the tendency to peal when masking is used. I think the key to this performance is also the use of a good primer coat that is compatible.

14 additional images. Click to enlarge.

12 responses

  1. I love these early jets! Very nice build Paul, thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice job, Paul, on a still-great, very buildable, kit.

  3. I agree with Michel ,I love first generation jets ,odd that the earlier canopy was framed and more "modern looking", great job all round.

  4. Can't beat those "old" Monogram kits for cost, accuracy and ease of assembly.

  5. Very nice Paul. I bought the original release with the crappy decals. Monogram rectified the problem with new sheet

  6. Another winner, Paul!

  7. Great looking "Thud-craft"!

  8. Beautiful, my favorite "plank wing" jet! And Monogram to boot!

  9. Nicely done Paul, I have also built this kit. Fit was excellent and lots good detail in the cockpit as well. And if you like stickers, there are lots of them on the decal sheet. Over 100 if I remember correctly.

  10. I like it! Ya done good with that Monogram F-84; which, BTW, is my favorite version of this subject!

  11. Very nice! These cold-war jets definitely had some stand-out, colorful schemes. Nicely done.

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