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F-100F Wild Weasel 1/48 trumpeter

June 16, 2018 · in Aviation · · 14 · 4.6K
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  1. Tzig, that's a marvellous build, particularly like the paintwork and the burnished effect around the engine.

  2. What a nice bird Tzig, the early SEA workhorse done appropriate honor with this project! Polu orea!

  3. WOW! Absolutely stunning. An all round winner! Subtle weathering/fading of paint as well as the nice engine burnishing of paint makes for a very realistic finish. The Hun was the workhorse of the Vietnam war and did stellar service as a FAC, Fighter-bomber and Wild Weasel.

  4. Great job! I am fortunate enough to get up close with one of these on a regular basis. You did an excellent job on the paint and finish! For comparison...

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  5. I can can only echo the sentiments of all those above, sir. Great job indeed!

  6. Outstanding! I love the F-100. Yours is GREAT!

  7. Great HUN! Nice camo job with nice attempt at burnt metal look! Really jealous of yours. I have had the 1/32 Trumpeter version in my stash for about 5 to 6 years with lots of goodies to go with it. Have not had the guts to give her a go yet! One of these days I will go for it but waiting for that special moments of motivation. I think I want to do the SEA camo like you did. Have not done SEA since I was a kid!

  8. Well done! As others have said, great paintwork.

  9. Very nice work on this model. Excellent finish. Looks good.

    37 years ago, I did an article on the Wild Weasels for Air Force magazine (I said yes to the assignment when it was determined I could get a "first hand" look at how an F-4G Phantom worked, which involved flying in an F-4E with two F-4Gs to the Red Flag range for a "war game" which is still ranked #1 for best rollercoaster ride ever). I interviewed then LCOL Sam "Papa Bear" Peacock, the AF senior back seater in WW, going back to first WW missions in SEA in the F-100F, where one determined the location of the missile site by the doppler effect in the gear when you flew directly overhead! By the time you had it figured, there was a "telephone pole" headed your way. ("Papa Bear" went on to become the first AF backseater to command a TFW, and 10 years afterwards, he led the Weasels to downtown Baghdad where they took out the entire Iraqi air defense radar system in 20 minutes of solid work - "train hard, fight easy!") - quite a career, from first Weasel missions to the Weasels' greatest success, 25 years.

  10. Thank you all for the comments,I am glad you like it.

  11. a beauty of a model! I also modeled the F in a similar scheme, and it's still one of my favorite models in my display case. The Hun is just such a beautiful aircraft - I hope to model one in NMF like my dad flew soon...

  12. Stunning work. I'm envious of your skills with the airbrush. Still, I'm not too old to improve, so thanks for the inspiration!

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