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1931 Rolls-Royce Monogram 1/24

July 29, 2018 · in How-to · · 17 · 3.4K
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After a very long pause on this hobby I'm trying to re-start it. Have a lot of kits still on their original boxes, different types and scales.

I'm now assembling and painting the model listed on the title (and at the same time starting also the 120mm Verlinden US Navy Pilot (Pacific WWII) figure.

My question here, hoping someone can help, is about the right colors for the interior of this Rolls-Royce (sadly they don't list them all on the instructions), especially the floor and the inside of the doors.
I guess that the sits are in some kind of leather, or light redish brown, but after doing some research online I can't find this exact Rolls-Royce model, so for now no inside pictures nor even videos from some custom re-make of this particular model.

I've always used Humbrol enamel paints in the old days, and as many of them are still fine despite decades of not using them, that's probably what I'll be using now (with perhaps a few exceptions here and there) .

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. We'll be watching to see how this turns out.

    • Will post a few pics once it's finished.

      • Hello Adolfo, I just retired and inherited 85 various automobile models in 1/24 & 1/25 scale. I have build about 20 models before I took on this Monogram 1/24th Rolls Royce, and have 1 question. Do you know how many pieces the kit is supposed to have. i counted 157 pieces. I didn't see a count on the instructions nor the box. Any info would be greatly appreciated, from you or the group.

        • Hi Luis,

          As you noticed, neither on the kit box, nor on the instructions, do they show the number of pieces.
          So I really have no idea! I remember that I was missing one piece (but only realized it when assembling the kit).
          I believe that the only way for knowing that is to count the number of pieces shown on the instructions manual and compare them to the pieces you actually have.

          Btw, you wouldn't have, by any chance, some of those old die cast Gabriel classic cars, among your amazing collection?
          I'm not 100% sure, believe they are 1/20 scale. Most parts in metal, a few in plastic, and then the tires in rubber.
          I do have two of those, sitting on the their boxes for many years, and as a couple of years ago decided to finally assemble and paint them, I realized that somehow I lost the assembly instructions for both 🙁

          Just in case (or if you know where I could find these instructions online), they are:
          Gabriel Metal Kit Nº 4858 - Model A Station Wagon
          Gabriel Metal Kit Nº 4869 - 1932 Chevrolet Coupe

          Thanks and sorry I can't be of much help on this.


  2. Welcome to iModeler, Adolfo! To your question, from a Google image search it would seem the doors and floor were a close match to the seats - take a look:

    Of course without knowing the RR model the Monogram kit depicts it is hard to find pics of the actual vehicle. Do you happen to know what model it is?

    • Hi Boris, @raikisan

      Thanks a lot!

      I don't use Google anymore (opted for DuckDuckGo mainly, some time ago, but they also have Images, only for some reason I totally forgot checking that, and only looked on the Web 🙁 and even checked on YT, to no avail), so thank you for reminding me of that important and useful tool 🙂

      It really helps a lot, having those pics.

      Funny that indeed even the floor and the inside doors are for some of the pics I've already checked the same color as the seats!
      I assumed the seats would be in leather, and the floor and the doors in metal, and that they would have different colors. Apparently I was wrong (for the colors of course) .

      The Monogram model is the 1/24 Classic 1931 R-R (ref: 2303) .

      I notice most pics shown online are for other models, but I'll do a refined search and I should get some results.

      Again many thanks!


  3. Hi Adolpho, welcome to I modeler, I built this particular kit back in the early 80's as a display for our model shop we had in the Cars of the Stars, Planes of Fame museum in Buena Park, California. Seems like if I remember correctly it was molded in black and tan. At the time I was more into cars and armor, dabbled in aircraft off and on. Any way, I used Humbrol Enamel Leather for the seats and with the tip of my fingers used the natural oil to give it a leather sheen as if just detailed with what we used here in the U.S. to keep leather supple, saddle soap. As you really didn't want to use Armor All on leather. (Armor All is a spray on liquid used on tires and better for vinyl interiors for that glossy look.) I know it may not be the correct shade of tan or beige. But it does have a rich car look that is better than let say using Model Master Tan or Dk Tan shades. I hope this helps.

    • Hi Chuck, @uscusn

      Not sure what happened here, I had a reply posted, but I guess that I messed with it and it was inadvertently deleted.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the tips and for the welcomig.

      If we are talking about the same model here (please see pic of the box on another post below), and if by "molded in black and tan" you mean the pieces on the box, mine comes in 4 different colors + a set of transparent pieces for the front and rear glasses, lights, etc.
      The 4 colors are: traditional grey (as on many other kits), a kind of reddish, white and silver.

      For the moment I've painted the seats with a old Modelud (a French manufacturer that disappeared in the meantime, but had enamel paints like Humbrol) #15, which looks like a kind of Humbrol leather #62, but Satin (it took a few days to finally fully dry!) .
      I guess I'll use some oil paint on top of this one, maybe Burnt Sienna, which is what I've used a long time ago for painting, or weathering other leather looking pieces on my figures (boots, jackets, etc) .



  4. I've got that one about half built too Dolf...i want to paint the fenders and running boards black seperate from the frame to save masking but the fit is not so good for a lot of clamping and such...maybe I'll screw it on somehow...again welcome aboard

  5. Hi Bob! @p38j

    Only saw your post now.

    Great! We can maybe compare results and painting methods and materials.

    I came to this post exactly for posting a couple of pics I just took, and that's about as far as I am on this project (a few other smaller pieces, are also almost ready, but not yet assembled into the main body) for the moment.

    Here they are:

    Right side view. The engine and the châssis, as well as the wheels:

    Night time here now so had to use the flash on the camera, and the pics are not good enough. Will try again tomorrow on day time, on Sun light.

    I believe I made an error with the rear wheels, when on instructions phase 15, I glued those parts 34 on both sides of part 26. That happened because the holes on part 26, where parts 34 are inserted, are way too small to insert those parts 34 in what I now believe is the right position. So I guess I glued them the wrong way, meaning the rear of the car now seems too high, or elevated, when compared with the front wheels!
    What do you think? Did you have the same problem?



  6. Better pics today, on Sun light outside.



  7. The seats have been painted (1st paint coating, I'll do at least another one, and then a darker very thin coat of probably another oil paint (Raw Umber), for the deeper folds) with an oil paint (Burnt Sienna), on top of the original enamel Modelud #15 (a kind of satin light reddish brown) .

    That's how that Modelud #15 looks lke (except for the "security cable" - no idea what the right name might be! - that I think was also in leather, already painted with the same oil color as for the seats) :



  8. look'in good in the neighborhood

    • Hi Bob! @p38j

      Ok, got your PM. When you'll return to your own 1931 R-R, maybe we can compare stuff.

      I'm planning to paint the floor, inside of it, on Humbrol Brown Satin (ref: 133) and the main body on Humbrol Crimson Gloss (ref: 20), except for the black areas, that I plan painting on Humbrol Gloss Black (ref:21) .

      These are the closest colors I found that seem to match the pics of this actual model I've seen so far.

      The only one color I still don't know exactly what it is, is the color for the hood (be it the full closed one, or the folded one option), nor the cover of the car trunk, and also the cover of the spare tires on both sides of the car (same color as the car hood) .

      Any ideas or suggestions?



      Here is a pic of this same 1931 R-R 1/24 model, painted as on the cover of the Monogram box:

  9. The seats again, after a 2nd coat with the oil paint Burnt Sienna and finally a very diluted coat of another oil paint, Raw Umber.

    Look a bit more realistic now I think.



  10. You are doing a marvelous job in creating realism. That seat looks so comforting. Well done.

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