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Finally completed! 1/24 R-R 1931 Phaeton

October 4, 2018 · in Automotive · · 27 · 2.2K
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  1. 1931 Rolls-Royce Monogram 1/24
  2. Finally completed! 1/24 R-R 1931 Phaeton

Finally managed to complete this model!
Had some issues, like having lost a couple of parts (for most of them luckily I was able to duplicate them using Blue Stuff and Milliput, but being tiny little pieces, and being my 1st time casting these things using both products, they are far from being perfect; for one of the parts had to improvise, scratch-building it) after decades of house moves, but now it's finally finished the best I could.

Here are the last pictures just taken outside on daylight:



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  1. Nice job Dolf! Great looking model.

  2. Wondeful ! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Very swish looking model, Adolfo.

  4. Can't beat those "old" Monogram kits - they produced some good stuff (like that one) 🙂

    • Craig (@craigindaytona)

      Thanks a lot my friend!

      Yes, I think in the old days Monogram was among the top models/kits/miniatures manufacturers, and I used to love their products.

      As I say above I had some minor issues with this model, but that was mainly my own fault (only one detail on the assembling phase was due to the poor instructions manual, but that was later corrected, as I mention on the WIP thread about this same kit) .



  5. Terrific looking Rolls, Dolf. The finish is excellent and those natural light shots really show her off to perfection. Hugely well done, she is very, very pretty.

    • Thanks a lot David (@dirtylittlefokker) !

      I guess I wouldn't mind rolling on one of these (1/1 scale, of course lol...), they are indeed very nice cars!

      I believe there are annual shows in the UK, where the proud owners show their beauties (often restored from in some cases just dusty & rusty half things found in farms, etc) and get prizes for their restoration work.

      I think a few do exist here in private collections, but not the kind of car we see that often on the road.

      I had some pics taken inside, on artificial light, last night right after I glued the last piece (the R-R symbol on the front), that I was feeling like posting here, but decided to wait for the daylight and took more pics on the balcony outside, under the sunny bright light (we are being spoiled this Autumn, with beautiful sunny days, most of the time nicer & hotter than in the Summer!) .

      Thanks mate!



  6. Excellent work on the Rolls Dolf, remember seeing these on the shelves of our local supermarkets, discount stores, kmarts back in the day. Even Sears. Now most of these stores don't carry kits any more. Must've been a fun build back to memory lane. Well done.

    • Thanks a lot Chuck (@uscusn) !

      This R-R was in my stash for... decades! Like the rest of my models/kits collection, in a large card box.
      The engine was assembled and painted many moons ago.
      I moved a few times from house to house!
      Don't know why, when, or how, I managed to lose a couple of tiny little parts... That's why it took so long to finish it, as I had to wait for the Blue Stuff and the Milliput (this last one ordered from England) to be delivered, so I could cast two of the pieces missing. The 3rd one (no double!) had to improvise. Luckily found a similar piece (no idea where it came from! Maybe one day I'll found out it's missing for another model... lol...) and just had to glue another tiny little piece of plastic on it, so I could replace the original one (but with not many references it was not that easy; Bob Mack helped emailing me pics of a real one, on 1/1 scale, and pics of his own piece from his own R-R same model) .

      I'm happy I finally finished it, now I can move forward to other models and new stuff 😉



  7. wonderful model've done well

  8. Beautiful! I think my Dad helped me with Monograms Cord so many moons ago.

    • Robert (@roofrat) !

      Thank you for the kind words.

      It could/should be much better,. but with all the limitations (“spray gun” braking at half of the main painting done, forcing me to hand brush some parts that I wanted to airbrush, such as the hood for instance, plus all the other little issues… definitely didn’t help! then 30-35 years away from this hobby – this R-R being the 1st model I’ve done since the old days! – didn’t help neither…), the final result is what I was able to accomplish…

      Next one will have to be much better ?



  9. Nicely put together, Dolf. Love the colour scheme.
    It must have felt goooood to get it completed and dusted off.

    • Peter (@tecko)

      Thanks for the kind words!

      Yes, it felt gooooood indeed ?
      It took too long to get it finished so I was indeed relieved of a weight on my shoulders I guess. At some points I thought about just discarding it and move to other stuff, but being a bit stubborn finally paid off I suppose ?

      Now can finally move to a 120mm figure I started some time ago (and on which I’m working now), and probably start my 1st bust (for the iModeler at the Movies BG), that dear Lawrence of Arabia/Peter O’Toole soon ?

      Have been following your work on that new bridge (on the River Kwai), simply amazing, as all your builds! Congrats on this new one!



  10. Beautiful! My Dad put one of these together when this was a new kit then made it into a slot car. It wasn't fast (not a racer) but it was really cool watching it go around the track. It was the only model I ever saw Dad do that WASN'T an aircraft - or the one time he did the classic Cutty Sark kit, which he had built before I began modeling with him. I remember him saying he'd known someone who had an old Rolls (not a wealthy person, but someone who lucked into a special purchase) and you could start the engine then balance a coin (an American nickel) on the radiator ... WHILE IT WAS RUNNING! The engine ran so smoothly that the coin would stay balanced on edge!

    That's some special automobile!

    • Jeff (@mikegolf)

      Thanks a lot!

      That must have been some fun, to see one of these as a slot car!

      "That’s some special automobile!"

      Yes it is! They didn't make many like this in the past, and certainly don't make any others like this nowadays! Despite all the more advanced technologies now available!



  11. Gentlemen,

    Please check this thread here:

    And see if any of you can help with the missing assembly instructions!

    Thank you!



  12. Great work Adolfo, I wish I had one like this!

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