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US General Norman Schwarzkopf, 120mm Verlinden figure

July 31, 2018 · in Figures · · 16 · 1.9K

Another figure made in resin. I did this one mainly because I wanted to test the results of painting a camouflaged uniform. Overall I think it's not too bad. What do you guys think? Constructive critics welcome 😉

Portrait of the real Schwarzkopf


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  1. Looks great! Well done.

  2. Really great work here! Very well done.

    • James, @jamesb

      Thanks a lot!

      I remember I used oil paint for his face. It could have been a bit more reddish, if compared with his actual photo.

      On the other hand, compared with other 120mm figures I've done, I think this is the one where I better succeeded the eyes.



  3. Looks like Stormin' Norman to me.

  4. Much better than I could do. Great work

  5. Amazing craftsmanship, Adolfo.

  6. Well, 'Dolf @dolfdylan - you brought Stormin' Norman to life! This is excellent, my friend. I never met the good General in my Army time during Desert Storm, but I did meet Gen. Frederick Franks, who was our VII Corps Commander. When I was first stationed to Germany, in the 11th Armored Cavalry (1983-1990) in Fulda, (then) West Germany, (then) Colonel Franks was the Regimental Commander. At that time, Lieutenant Colonel John N. Abrams was the/my Squadron Commanding Officer of the1st Squadron. People called him "Son Of Tank," since his Father was Gen. Creighton Abrams, for whom the tank was named. Some others called him "Son Of ... " something else, because he COULD be - uh - forceful, but if you worked hard for him, he was great, like a good Father! We were the first Cavalry unit in Europe to get the M1 tank. That was quite a "feather" in both LTC Abrams' AND Col. Franks' hat.

    Anyway, Gen. Schwarzkopf looks great. The "chocolate chip" camo pattern (my favourite) you painted is absolutely outstanding! Bravo!

  7. Jeff (@mikegolf)

    "Anyway, Gen. Schwarzkopf looks great."

    Thanks a lot!

    "The “chocolate chip” camo pattern (my favourite) you painted is absolutely outstanding! Bravo!"

    Coming from you, that means a lot! Who, better than you, who used those uniforms, in this particular camo scheme, would be able to judge this painting better?...
    Thank you very much!

    I can tell you (from memory, as this was painted some 30+ years ago, using enamels) it was probably my hardest work then! No Internet in those days, so I had to use pics from magazines, books, etc, in order to get the best possible references!

    Very happy that you confirm I did a pretty good job 😉



  8. My Friend, you did MUCH better than a "pretty good job ?" ! @dolfdylan

  9. Amazing. This is very skilful work that really is impressive, Dolf. Kudos, it’s hard enough getting a good looking figure let alone a good likeness. Fantastic.

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