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Eduard 1/48 P-400 Airacobra

Latest off the bench is 's kit of the P-400 . With lots of spare time, because of the Covid-19 shelter in place orders, I've used this time to reduce some of my stash. Lots has been written about this kit as well as why it's called a P-400, so I'll spare you a rehash. This is Eduard's 2000 version, kit #8061, and came with a nose weight as well as canopy mask. I found the masks to be rather worthless as they would not stick to curved surfaces. They have obviously been improved since then.

Overall fit was good, however the doors didn't exactly fit well if you want to close them, hence they are both opened. The only addition I used on this build was an Ultracast seat with hardness. I also had to obtain another set of decals as the kits decals of "Pat" and "Wahl Eye" were so thin the green color bled through. The rest worked very well and were used. Finding conflicting information on colors I decided to go with what some have called the spinach camouflage scheme. If that's incorrect too bad as it looks good on my shelf.

Sand and Deep Green as well as a light blue were used for this camo scheme. A Brown Pitt Pen was used to highlight the panel lines and Pastel Chalks created the exhause and smoke stains. This P-400 represents one flown by Lt. Eugene Wahl, with 39th FS, 35th FG, at Twelve Mile Airdrome, New Guinea. Stay safe out there the folks.

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

17 responses

  1. lovely piece of work

  2. Great looking Cobra Tom! Did you have any problems with the fit of the rear canopy? I built this kit when it first came out 20 or so years ago and seem to remember this problem. I did the Hasegawa kit last year and thought it was overall an easier build.

  3. Very nice Tom

  4. Well done Tom. Love the camo scheme and the dio. One of those builds that motivates one to get one started. Thanks for sharing.

  5. That is one nice build in the shelter!

  6. Looks good to me, Tom.

  7. I love those p-39's, regardless of performance or lack of it, they just look cool and yours does too. Nice work and great scheme. Every time I see the export version shown as the P-400, I think of the joke about what a P-400 is. A P-40 with a zero on its tail.

  8. Sweet looking, Tom! She looks right at home on the mating. Keep 'em coming...

  9. Very nice Tom - that's a heck-of-a mouth on that there Cobra!

  10. Nice work, Tom. Yes, the "sand-and-spinach" was the factory scheme for the Airacobra I for the RAF, which became the P-400.

  11. Looks great, and with your signature display dio!

  12. Very nicely done Tom, she looks great.

  13. Looks mighty fine Tom...good job on that model as well as fine photography too.

  14. Great build Tom. I really like the sand and spinach paint scheme.

  15. Lovely job Tom!

  16. Great job, Tom. Sand-and-spinach camo is flawless and extremely adorable!

  17. Great work on display here Tom B. @tom-bebout
    You built another fine looking model here bud. I like the photos you took also, as they look very realistic especially with the back ground settings...

    This quarantine has allowed many of us to build more than we usually would have done otherwise. That's one good thing that has come out of this. If you have reduced your stash, then that's a good excuse to build it back up again ! You never know the effects of this pandemic could last longer than many expect... and you need to be prepared.

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