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1/48 Hobbycraft Mig17 (War Eagle)

Yet another kit that had languished on the shelf of doom- a hangar queen that was on pause for too long. I had always wanted to build a Mig17 in VPAF markings- and back in the day of collecting kits I saw this one as an opportunity. It was a second hand kit that someone had started and was on sale most likely at one of the mail order second hand kit suppliers I used to frequent when a single man just out of college!

Compared to the Mig 17 kits out there now, it is a bit soft on detail and lacking in others. Fortunately. I got hold of a True Details replacement cockpit- a major improvement over the kit parts.
The exhaust needed a bit of work and had been improved by the previous owner.
The War Eagle Hobbycraft release of this kit comes with a large number of optional markings (they are pretty good)- the decals are free for anyone interested, just send an email and I will forward them on to you.

Early on I had heard of this particular marking scheme belonging to “Col. Tomb”- allegedly shot down by “Showtime 100”- the F-4J flown by Cunningham and Driscoll. the following site gives a very interesting article on the construct of the VPAF ace that most likely did not exist:

There is one photo of “3020” and a myriad of interpretations of the camouflage scheme- just google 1/48 Mig 17 “Col. Tomb” and you will see what I mean. I initially airbrushed what I thought would be contrasting greens, which seemed to just merge together in the end. After a coat of future, the build stalled for quite a few years (can’t remember the timeline at all) because of the paint.

Lately, I have been finishing off kits that have sat for too long- see my 1/72 Bv138C-1 article. After picking up the Mig 17 out of its shallow box grave last week, it took me three days to finish it- FINALLY! I mottled some dark green enamel with a brush over my future coat and was happier with the result after a coat of flat varnish.

After looking at the photo of 3020 in different resolutions, and contrasts, I think I will add a bit more paint by hand around the bort number. It will most likely help with the annoying silvering you can see in the pictures.
So- I guess a little more to go, but I had to get this posted- to keep me motivated to finish a few more builds before the end of my summer break as a teacher!

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to 1/48 Hobbycraft Mig17 (War Eagle)

  1. Good to see ya “back on board”, Dan and an interesting article indeed on Col. Tomb (whoever he was/wasn’t). And I love that head-on headline photo, too. 🙂

  2. Dan, long time no see. It’d certainly be to our benefit if you finish more projects; you have a lot of game (as well as the Mig, I thought your ‘Putt, Putt, Maru’ was beautifully made), your posts are a great read (do you teach English, perhaps?), and your subject choices are 100% in the iModeler sweet spot.

    Hope to see more soon.

    • Hey David,
      Thanks very much for the compliments. I appreciate your mention of the putt putt maru build as I was very happy with that one.
      I am a middle/high school art teacher and have always enjoyed writing.
      Really working hard to finish the next two post subjects…..

  3. Nice Mig! ‘Hanger queen’ now that’s a blast from the past!

  4. Nice job Dan. It always feels nice to get something over the finish line!

  5. Great job on the Mig !!!!

    Do you know if the True Details cockpit is still available ??? I have the exact same kit (HC / War Eagle) in the stash, and have several Mig builds planned for next year. I have always wanted to build mine up as Col. Tomb, especially after watching the “Dogfights” episode with Showtime 100…………….

    now I’m having second thoughts after following the link. Who knows ???

    Well done Dan. I like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s right up there with your “Blacksheep” VMF 214 Korean War Corsair and “Putt Putt Maru” P-38………..

  6. Love that finish
    Looking great

  7. Dan, this looks very nice, and a nice write up on this mystery man !, Well done !

  8. Outstanding MIG, Dan! That’s an interesting paint scheme, if somewhat plain. It looks great. As soon as I hit “Enter” I’m reading about the was/wasn’t Col. Tomb. We’ll see about the story. I grew up hearing all about Col. Tomb’s demise, so this should be very interesting, no matter the conclusion.

    Well done!

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