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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17 Fresco


1/72 蘇聯mig-17完成,這次套件製作的過程還算順利,自己稍微加了一些細節,沒有考究只是隨便湊湊,舊化部分也只有上墨線,地台也是隨意,整體還算滿意,希望大家喜歡,感謝!

Retired project

Retired nearly 2 years ago and thought I would return to something I hadn’t done for over 55years! Glad to see Airfix models are still around so I bought a few to begin. A few mistake have been made, eyesight not what it once was and [...]

Airfix 1/72 Mig-17F Fresco

Done as an experiment for myself in doing a NMF. It came out reasonably. Primed with Tamiya LP Black Gloss Painted with Xtreme Metals Polished Aluminium Alclad Duraluminium,Dark Aluminium, Airframe Aluminium. Tamiya Nato Black, Rubber [...]

Trumpeter 1/32 Shenyang J-5 (Mig-17F)

Hi everyone! This is my Trumpeter 1/32 Shenyang J-5 (歼-5), a Chinese-built single-seat jet interceptor and fighter aircraft, derived from the license-built MiG-17F. The first J-5 (Φ0101), performed its initial flight on 19 July 1956 [...]

MiG 17 “Fresco A”, Soviet Air Force Aerobatic Team, 1956.

1/72 Hasegawa, built for the MiG GB, more pic's and details there, finished in Revell R31 red and Himbrol 27002 silver with Pledge over HDL 72-030 decals.

Six-Day-War...1/48 Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F, United Arab Republic Airforce

Built over 5 years ago. Hobby Boss kit, decals came from an old Hobbycraft MiG-17 kit. Some unintended scratches in the nose areaand the outer wing edges. Short before completion the model had a "maiden flight" from the table [...]

Review: Airfix 1/72 MIG-17F Fresco review

MiG Group Build recap

First, I would like to thank all the participants to this group build, wheter you finished your builds or not. I must admit, I expected slightly larger participation but I am nevertheless proud of the resulting builds and I hope our group [...]

MiG Group Build, North Vietnamese MiG-17, 1/48 Hobbycraft / War Eagle

Our MiG Group Build is underway, and there are a lot of great builds happening right now... I have several MiG-15's that I'm about to wrap up. I built this one on a whim, and had not originally intended to do so. This model was based off [...]

Mig 17

Hello this my 1/32 Mig 17 from Trumpeter.