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1/700 USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71

August 29, 2018 · in Ships · · 26 · 4.6K

Construction: The kit was the Trumpeter's carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt which was the Nimitz class carrier used by the U.S Navy and is still operational. The plastic sprues are well molded a good and satisfying detail by Trumpeter manufacturers. The kit came with a squadron of F-14 Tomcats and other generic U.S Navy such as Seahawk Helicopters, Vikings, Prowlers and Hawkeye. The construction was overall nice and easy a bit of sprues fittings here and there wasn't a major issue. The final phase of construction was executed using PE generic USN Modern railings and applies into position of the build.

Painting Work : Since the paint guide and the modern carrier has superb references given it is a modern ship compared to harder to find reference for older WWII battleship it was and out of the box painting work. Since it was going to be built as a water base diorama the base was carved using sandwich board Styrofoam and layers of modelling paste is applied onto it depicted waves. As the final decals were applied onto the carrier the base in coloured in pacific blue schemes. Coating of Liquetex layer is applied onto the layer to have a shinny water effect. The diorama depicts two F-14 launched by the catapult together with smoke effect and crew figures from Eduard pre coloured inserted.

Conclusion : Overall I am satisfied with the whole diorama a certain improvements can be made on the water waves but as a whole it was a great finish considering less than a few days was required to finish it before handing over to its new owner.

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  1. Outstanding build, sir...your attention to detail is superb. Very nice work..!

  2. Just amazing that this is 1/700. This is an incredible piece of very realistic work.

  3. Nice! I really like how you weathered the deck.

  4. great stuff man

  5. Man! Hard to believe it could get any better. Well done!

  6. Well done! The detail work to all the aircraft really help set it off.

  7. Very realistic!

  8. Very impressive piece of modelling you have created Mee Wan. Love the detail, and how the water looks.

    Hope you don't mind me saying, there is one part that puzzled me. The far port side jet, taking off with steam trail; how did he get passed the jet on his starboard side.

  9. Really well done, Mee Wan!

    Peter raises a good question regarding the F-14 directly beside the rear launching plane ... getting past that one with extended wings might be a bit tricky.

    Otherwise - another GREAT sea scene!

  10. Great work. Always difficult to portray a typically busy flight deck. Well done!

  11. I’ve just seen this article mate... it’s amazing! It takes a master to create this in that scale! There’s so much to look at, fantastic workmanship!

  12. Wonderful work ! I’m new to modeling ... basic question: wanted to know if the Eduard flight crew come pre- painted and how did you secure them to the deck also the planes and handling equipment thanks much...


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