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February 1, 2020 · in Aviation · · 13 · 1.7K

1:48 [ WEEKEND ]


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  1. Beautiful work, I could tell that you used wood grain decals when looking at the main photo. Again, it looks like a bigger scale

  2. Nicely done David. Decals you say, man that must have been quite the adventure. Question, at what stage of construction did you apply them?

  3. Another fantastic model...your biplanes looks so realistic.
    Beautiful work
    Best regard,s Djordje

  4. Once the base coat had been preshaded...on they went! Then I added the wings etc.

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  5. Nice. Are the wood grain decals translucent to show the preshading?

  6. Great work! I find that doing bipes and tripes a bit of a challenge especially if they include p e parts.

    • Getting the wings all square is a challenge.
      The main problem with these 1:48's is the pathetic attachment areas for the undercarriage and the wing roots. They're quite laughable. ?

  7. Lovely work sir. What, in your estimation would be a good entry level kit for WWI biplanes?

  8. WWI aircraft are so elegant to me. Though I don't build them, I do appreciate seeing models of them done so well! What a beauty.

  9. Great work. Wood grain decals looks great. Who produces those decals?

    • Proper Plane Decals

      I've also used Uschi van de Rosten decals...they seem to be identical as you can see on my Albatros Dll. There I painted a different base coat and finished with a clear yellow/orange over them.

      8 attached images. Click to enlarge.

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