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Need help for an early F-4C…

September 27, 2018 · in Aviation · · 10 · 1.8K

I had built a couple of F-4Ds in SEA scheme thinking it was what my dad flew in . I think he actually remembered it that way, and told me he flew the D there. I realized once I secured his pilot logs that he actually flew the C, and I also discovered that he flew an early version that still used the navy style straight plyons as opposed to the rounded USAF pylons. In the photos above, you can see the navy style pylon in the pic of my dad beneath his C before a mission, and in the other photo you can see the USAF style on what is either a D, or a later model C (I think there were both at Cam Ranh at the time).

So - I bought another Fujimi C/D kit, but need a set of scale inner pylons of the Navy/straight variety. Anyone got a set to contribute that you won't be using? If so, PM me. Thanks all!

By the way - the pics are from Cam Ranh Bay, SVN in 1967. My dad took lots of pics (slides) during his time in the cockpit. I've got more, if you're interested...

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  1. Be great to see a few more photos Greg - I'll have a rummage amongst the spares and see what I have!

  2. Yeah, Im interested in placement of the RBF streamers as am building one of the Da Nang Cs...

  3. Took a good look, all I found was the USAF ones, if you can find a mono/revel F4J and use it as a donor kit, its got the right pylons and some nice bombs, and a pilot. Great photos, Greg. Yes more photos. If you look closely at photo one, they're about to fuel up your Dads aircraft.

  4. @roofrat - thanks for looking! I think I have a J but was planning to build a Navy bird. I may look at the contest I'm going to next week for an old cheap kit (maybe an old Airfix or something) as a cheap donor kit.

  5. You can count me among the viewers who'd LOVE to see as many F-4 pics as you can find! 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing, I love me some Phantoms in SEA Cammo! I came very close to joining the Air Force, my love of the sea just bumped the Navy over the edge in my decision. I think Quick Boost might make pylons, I know they make the Navy versions.

  7. The more pictures the better. Nice to have picts that are not as staged as some of the USAF ones that are available. Nice picture of you father.

  8. Thanks for sharing those photos and like others have stated, I'd love to see more Phantom photos.

  9. Great photo!
    Now, you modelers, tell me again what shade of 'grey' that underside is?


  10. @134ahc "Camouflage grey" FS 36622

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