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RAAF Bristol Beaufort (Special Hobby 1/72)

September 25, 2018 · in Aviation · · 23 · 3.1K

Hi all!

I usually don't build models under commission, but in this case it was a especial request and a favor to a fellow member of my modelling club (SAPMA).
Dudley Hokings is a senior member of the club and due his age he no longer is able to build a model. It doesn't mean he is present in our meetings and he loves a good chat.
Anyway! One day he approached me and asked if Ifould do hem a favor. He was a very close friend with a veteran who used to fly the during the world war 2. He has now passed away, but Dudley is still friend with his wife Trish. He said he had a kit and decals do make the exactly version flew by his friend Bill Wood. Of course I said Yes!

Here are some reference photos:

Dudley gave me some valuable information that he had been gathering along the years for this dreamed project. It has precious war photos from the pilot private collection and also the pilot's accounting regarding the correct serial number for his aircraft. The nose art consists of a representation of Diana "The Goddess of Hunt", some bombs representing the missions and "Trish" Bill Wood's wife name.
The kit he had available was not the version but another British original version of the Beaufort. However, it has most of the parts necessary to convert to Australian built Beaufort (Pratt Whitney engines, antennas etc), but not the essential part to convert the dorsal turret (I had to scratchbuilt it).
The kit was airbrushed using Gunze acrylics:
Sky Blue underside: H323
Light Green camouflage: (H302)
Light Earth camouflage: (10% H47 + 90% H72)
Weathered using a combination of techniques like oils, pigments and water colours.
A final coat of Gunze H20 Flat Clear was sprayed overall.

The antenna wire is made of EZLine.

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23 responses

  1. Awesome build. I am sure Trish loved the model, for it would emphasise special memories of loved one. Very giving of you Paul.

  2. What a great story to start the day. She’s a great build (the conversion work, the paint jobs, and finish are first class, as bob says, “glorious”) ans you can see the project meant a lot to you.

    Great name for a wardbird, too (maybe you could also post this on Jaime’s ‘Nose Art’ Group Build @jetmex - it’d be a great addition).

    Fantastic job, and a great tribute.

  3. Great work Paulo - good to see a Beaufort and a RAAF one at that.

    • Cheers David.
      These aircraft were, at some stage of the war, made here in Victoria under licence to cope with the war effort. The distinctive difference being the use of Pratt & Whitney engines.

  4. Very nice build and presentation, Paulo...good work!

  5. She looks great! Very nice finish, and looks lovely in RAAF colors.

  6. Special Hobby likes to make kits that are off the beaten path and when done right they are special. Some smart painting and excellent construction Paulo.

    What a great way of honoring a Vet who has passed by building a kit that he flew . At times the focus on soldiers or military personal is on the individual and their exploits while on active duty and in theater. However, they do have families and love ones who in effect are drafted into going to war. Worrying about loved ones and not knowing what may come their way. Its great to see a couple who made it through the war and a widow who can see a small piece of history that carried her husband home alive. Two thumbs up on this one.

  7. A great build and tribute!

  8. Very nice work and excellent result.

    Sure do wish SH would scale this up to 1/48.

  9. Thank you Tom. I'm glad SH did in 1/72nd 😉

  10. Paolo, this whole report & build project is outstanding. It is a great tribute to someone - a TRUE hero. I am sure Trish will love it!

    Great report on an outstanding aircraft and model!

  11. A final update to this saga
    A last photo added showing Dudley and I when I did present him with the finished model during our last
    SAPMA monthly meeting.

  12. Great photo, Paolo, and a terrific article.

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