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WnW 1/32 Lanc

September 28, 2018 · in News · · 44 · 2.7K

Coming in 2019...

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  1. Oh, cr€p, there goes the allowance for ‘19.

    • From the cover, makes me wonder if it’s a reboxing of HK Models’ moulds.

      Anyway, shouldn’t be more than £350 ?

      • I cannot imagine WNW going the rebox route. More likely Peter Jackson wanted to do something useful with the research his film company put into the Dambusters movie 😀

        • I think the two of you have come up with what is happening. HK had had problems with the release of their kits (both the versions WNW has announced) and the time necessary for WNW to do a new kit and release it in 2019 is not there if they're doing their own. Plus, they don't "reinvent the wheel" with their kits. Sir Peter would be interested in the HK kit because of his movie research.

  2. Rob, I think you meant £35...

    (...the wife might, just might, read this)

  3. The photos below were taken in New Zealand in 2016 and apparently there are multiple full size Lancs in the studios. It’d make sense (given his modeling business infrastructure) to make potentially saleable high end Lancaster’s. Agree with Boris, unlikely to be a re-pop - especially looking at the research that must have gone in to the replicas.

    That said, Dambusters (the remake) has been in ‘pre-production’ now for over ten years (as I understand). As Mr Jackson is currently into another WW1 project, I’d be amazed if we see the Lancs in action before 2021/2

  4. Ho hum. I mean, really, I wonder why they don't do it in 1/24 scale.


  5. Regardless of the high or low sales potential for a second 1/32 Lanc, WnW has such a hype that no wealthy modeller will neglect it. The other fact is that the Lanc is WnW first incursion outside the 1910-1920 period, but might not necessarily mean they’re heading for a whole new ball game. Might be a one off given the reasons Boris and David mentioned.

    Perhaps ICM could move their wise design team from focusing German bombers to the RAF bomber command, now that would be a great business opportunity, some proper Lanc and Halifax in 1/48 with affordable prices

  6. Too expensive, too big, where would you put it , give us a 1/48 Hampden...

  7. Sorry - I'm stickin' to my piddly 1/72 - not even tempted!

  8. I just post this comment about the new Airfix Spitfire being scanned for accuracy...I wonder if Sir Peter had a Lanc scanned for accuracy and the digitized number thing ies got put into a computer and then into a C and C machine...

  9. WNW is offering a 32nd kit that's NOT a bi-plane? I'm shocked! That'll be a monster. 🙂

  10. Wow this will need a room of its own!

  11. A WnW Lanc would certainly be something to see, especially if it's like their "oldies!" The details would be amazing! It'd probably have a scale-sized pencil - with eraser - for the navigator/radioman's position!

  12. Straight from the horse's mouth: the H-K Lancasters and the WNW Lancasters are two different projects. Interesting, since WNW has a policy otherwise of "not reinventing the wheel."

    H-K Lancasters out in October.

  13. Very interesting. It possibly means that WnW has an appetite to venture into the WW2-era.

  14. If you look on WnW website, you will see there are slots for THREE new releases to be announced at the Japan hobby show. Two have consecutive numbers, so I'm going to assume these are the Lancs (actually I see one of the numbers - 32044 - on the Lanc promo sheet, so that is a given, and I'm assuming 32043 is the other version). But what is that third one? #32062 is the other mystery release number, and that falls in a few digits behind the already released Junkers D.1. So, my guess would be some WW1 bird that has been in the research phase for a while. Lot of hype about the Lancs, but no whispers about the third new release?

  15. Kinda feels like when your favorite rock band released that one disco album. You just hope it's a shortlived stage their going through.

  16. It’s all true, gentlemen. Check out the Wingnut site now, and marvel at the CAD renderings. Those Kiwis are outdoing themselves this time.

    • Check out the small print in the tan box area.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  17. Interesting to see what WnW will have on show at Telford!

  18. I’m not attending this year, for the first time in several years, although a mate from the club is taking a couple of Competition entries for me. I read WnW was having a stand this year, probably to be met with the same frenzy as Zoukei Mura when they first attended. ZM arrived with a truckload of kits and accessories and what they went home with would fit in a suitcase.

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