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F4u 1/48 Hobby Boss

A project that took me 2 years to do (mostly do to laziness and not feeling like doing models for a while) but even with the amount of time it took to make, I am glad the way it came out.

63 additional images. Click to enlarge.

10 responses to F4u 1/48 Hobby Boss

  1. Nice job….lookin’ forward to that Skyraider, too – 🙂

  2. Great stuff, see your next build in 2020?

    Glad you finished her and hope we see more of your posts (butcher bird?) soon.


  3. Well done, Br1anwar!
    (Your parents should re-evaluate their son-naming skills! LoL! OH – it’s just an internet name. Never mind … )

    Seriously, your Corsair looks great!

  4. Jeff, I think that’s a Welsh name…

  5. …or a Led Zeppelin song title…

    • Well sorry to disappoint you but its just the name Brian with half of warrior next to it, come from when i created my first game character, i just used my name with whatever class i was playing, so Brianwar and than i added a 1 at one point so Br1anwar

  6. Still Celtic or a Led Zeppelin song to me…

  7. Nice. The Hobby Boss Corsairs aren’t too bad

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