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Phantom F-4C

The Beast. A brick with two big engines. A mig killer.

Eduard Good evening Da nang edition. Actually repack packed with Eduard goodies: rezin wheels,seats,engine nozzles and PE. A great pack all in all. Cockpit is a bit spartan, but PE rectifies a bit of it. I really didt like the fit of the kit in places, especially the heat shield and intakes(no wonder there). Was bummed out about the details I lost sanding it but managed to bring it back 90%. I really hate scribing...The ordnance is great, but what I really NEEDED to have on it was the SUU cannon. Sadly, its the 23 version in the kit and not the 16 but what the heck. Its theoretically possible. Instructions have errors in them, some I caught on, and some I didnt( inner pylons should not have chaff dispensers). Decals are a mixed bag...while glossy and with good register, the backing film is quite thick. Not Tamiya thick, but thick. Quite visible on the stencils. Really needs a polished surface to sit good and then flooded with Aqua gloss to sand it down flush.

I like the early SEA scheme birds, the white undersurface ones with peeling upper paint. Painted with GS paints, weathered with enamel washes and oils. RBFs are from Eduard too. Wheel chocks and ladder are scratch built as is the plaster base

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  1. Great Phantom! Nice load out out ordinance.

  2. Some lovely touches here, Matija.

  3. Here are the hi-rez photos, if anyone is interested:

  4. A very good looking build, Matija! I like what you did with the chipped paint and the dirty underside.
    The Academy Phantoms really are a mixed bag. I built the B- and the C-versions, and while I had no problems with the intakes on one kit, the other one was a real pain. And yeah, Academy copied the instructions for the pylons from their ROK F-4D kit and forgot to remove the chaff dispensers.
    Anyway, thanks for posting!

  5. Really nice work, sir...what's not to like about a Phantom? Especially THIS one!

  6. A beautiful Phantom! Nicely weathered and detailed. I just bought 3 more F-4 kits to add to my stash... I'll use yours for reference photos!

  7. Two quick ways to get a lot of love here are build a ‘brick’ or a ‘bentwing’ - this is a pretty Phantom (how’s that, alliteration and an oxymoron in one phrase). And that paintjob is expert level work in my opinion.

  8. PHantastic Phinish

  9. Very nice! I hear you about sanding and losing the details. My first F-4B kit I had problems in the same spots, my second one has turned out much, much better, very little sanding except around the Navy refueling probe panel, yours of course does not have to worry about that little problem. You can check my blog for my fixes/techniques for the other stuff. Primer is on and it looks pretty good, we'll see how the paint goes. Anyway I like yours a lot!

  10. Matija, Really nice work, I like it a lot !

  11. Love this - I'm not a jet guy, but I have to say this could make me one. Great work. especially the paint/weathering. just the right amount of weathering/chipping/dirt in my book . and if those are thick decals, you really integrated them beautifully - look painted on. really impressed. I was thinking about picking this kit up, as it is about the only jet I am interested in building. But also looking at the ZM kit. Either way, don't think I could hold a candle to this one. thanks for posting!

  12. Supposedly the ZM kit is far better, but honestly I don't see huge differences side by side when built. Also the ZM kit apparently (again I can see it, but...) has a "fatal" flaw with the shape of the rear fuselage where it curves down. The ZM kit is more expensive, but seems better detailed (I haven't built one) Not sure if it is more fiddly or less fiddly. The Academy kit is fiddly for sure, but as we see above builds up very nice!

    • ZM made some quality of life choices with the engineering of their kit versus the academy one. Still gonna need a few aftermarket stuff to enhance it which jacks up the price again, I understand, ZM prices go down and Academy goes up...
      If i could choose, I`d go for the ZM boxing based on those fit issues. Assembled, I reckon there should be no difference as Academy really has nice details

  13. Beautiful Phantom dude, I especially love the weathering you did. Great work!

  14. Thanks for the comments, appreciate the feedback!
    Really wanted to nail the weathering

  15. Odličan! Really well done! Could be even dirtier on the bottom of the fuselage and around the heatshield, but of course that's optional.

  16. Beautiful, Very convincing.

  17. That is a stunning build of one of my favorite modeling subjects! You nailed it. Perfect in all respects.

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