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Russian Akula 1/350 Sub – Hobby Boss

October 25, 2018 · in Ships · · 12 Comments

A recent build of an excellent Kit. Enjoyed the process especially the painting/weathering work. Hope to add to the "fleet" of submarines in the coming months.
There are several other Hobby Boss sub options available of interest.

12 responses

  1. Very nice, Russian subs always look mean. i dig it.

  2. “Mean” is the word, Aaron, if the devil made an underwater plaything - you’re looking at it.

    Impressive paintwork, Stu. With subs especially, it’s easy to get an uninteresting ‘feel’ to them but you’ve certainly avoided that. She’s mean but looks great. Reminds me of the w...


  3. Hello Stu, good to see you onboard at iModeler. This is one mean-looking sub, and we'll be looking forward for more. For inspiration and to get in touch with other ship modelers at iM, follow the tags in this article... or explore the 1/350 channel at 🙂

  4. Welcome aboard (no pun intended)...that finish turned out VERY well. One of the best sub models I've seen...(but we want more pictures - 🙂 )

  5. Looks great! Also happy to see more pictures (hint, hint...)!

  6. Great looking Akula and welcome!

  7. Acooler sub you are unlikely to find. Can we have more photos, Stu?

  8. Beautiful job on the Akula, Stu. Looking forward to seeing more subs from your workshop.

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