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The Right Stuff – Bundesfighter goes to Hollywood

This build that I did as a tribute to one of my favorite movies - The Right Stuff, made by Philip Kaufmann in 1983. The "Bundesfighter" kit (reboxed with some aftermarket) has the decals for the aircraft individual that where used during the shooting of the flight scenes.
The pilot is an X-15 pilot (which kind of makes sense...) from Plus Models.

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Tommy, this is a gorgeous ‘project build’ and very, very impressively presented. Everything about it is just lovely.

    If I could be so bold, would you consider making a duplicate post on the ‘iModeler at the Movies’ group build? This is just custom made for the group, where I’ve been encouraging the good folk of iModeler to make ‘bucket list’ projects based on the movies and tv shows. I’d be very honoured if you would.


  2. Simply awesome ! !

  3. Very nice work. I remember standing next to that airplane up at Edwards when the movie crew was up there (this being the first movie I ever worked on, as a very minor grunt).

  4. Beautiful the presentation.

  5. That’s very well done. What paint did you use for the metallics?

  6. Very cool mate. Like that. ?

  7. Absolutely gorgeous F-104, Tommy! It's interesting to see a Starfighter without the rocket rails on the wing tips for the Sidewinders.

    When i was stationed in Germany (May 1983 thru Nov 1990) the Luftwaffe was still flying F-104s. It was quite surprising to see them used as ground attack aircraft. They seemed to do well against us ... but there were no bullets, if you know what I mean. Things might have been different if they were really attacking enemy tanks & columns rather than OUR columns of "enemy" tanks, etc. as simulation situation practice!

    But it was really great seeing them fly really low over us! (down to 100-150 m or so)

    I'm glad you're doing David's suggestion regarding "iModeler at the Movies." We really need your support and build there, too. "The Right Stuff" is such an iconic movie and I never tire of watching it.

    • Thanks Jeff - I love that movie too I think that I have watched it over 100 times 😆 😀

      I tried to build it as close to the individual used in the movie as I could. I missed one thing though; the "69" on the tailfin should be removed.

      I thought the F-104 was a pure interceptor, but it's interesting that it was used for ground attack as well.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • I recently read up about how F-104s were launched using rockets in order to get them into the air quicker! Here is a video of it: · on youtube

      I hardly know anything on the subject of F-104s but I am sure this video will suprise many as it suprised me. I almost feel as if this shouldn't be possible!

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Fabulous!
    My first thoughts were. "Is that a rocket or an aircraft". The wings are so short; and with one candle, if blown out, would surely become a flying brick.

    Love the title. It's also very fitting to the model and its maker 😉

  9. Great work! This makes me really want to build an F-104. Such an awesome looking aircraft! So hard to think that it can be called a vintage haha! Keep up the good work!

  10. In my opinion they’ve yet to make a jet that looks any better. The lines are so pure and there’s a design element you just don’t get in ‘modern’ aircraft where everything is about function. She’s just beautiful.

  11. really like your 104 Starfighter. I actually trained on this aircraft many years ago. One thing while working around this aircraft was you had to watch out that you didn't hit your head on the
    sharp edge front of the wing. As already stated; rocket with a man strap to it. Anyone know what other nicknames it was called. I have one here that I build but not nearly as good as yours. Very nice work indeed.

  12. Excellent build. Starfighter was such an icon of the era. I remember staying up late at night as a grade-school boy watching the 104 roll and turn while the nightly reading of High Flight was recited as the station signed off. · on youtube
  13. Thanks for all the nice comments!


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