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ZIL – 131

November 6, 2018 · in Armor · · 11 Comments

Time to fix something. A intervention car to fix for you...

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses

  1. Looks sorta like it's based on the "old" 2 1/2 ton truck used by the U.S. Army.

  2. In soviet Russia cars fix you

  3. Nice work, George!

  4. Interesting vehicle, George. Well done!

  5. really cool looking truck, like the scheme. Great paint and finish!

  6. Great-looking truck, and an usual scheme.

  7. Great! Which scale?

  8. Thanks all for appreciations.
    is on 1/35 scale.


  9. Looks very good! I like the weathering.

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