1/350 IJN Yamato

December 14, 2018 · in Ships · · 9 · 6.7K

One of my older models this time.

This is the Tamiyas new tool with the Pontos advanced set. Some minor modifications and scrachbuild details. I tried to depict her as she was on the morning of her last day in April 7th 1945.

I used Gunzes acrylic line at the time and have changed to Tamiyas after this one. I liked Gunzes paints a lot but the semi glossness tend to give headaches as they needed flat coats and long drying times etc.

The only bad thing about the kit is the multi piece hull that required a lot of work to hide the seams and restore the nice hull plating. Otherwise it's really a nice treat to build.

The build took about 6 months in total and the fiddly little AA guns were the most time consuming part.

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  1. Wow!
    First Paul's destroyer and now your Yamato. What a day for ship model lovers.
    Excellent job getting it all together.
    I never understood why Tamiya chose this strange way of molding the hull in several pieces. If any company has the tech know how to mold a well detailed hull in one piece, it's Tamiya.
    You did a great job of concealing the joints though.
    I really liked the way you bleached the grey paint and that toned down deck.
    Great rigging too.

  2. Ditto. Wow! That's a beauty! The rigging job is phenomenal. What did you use for it?

  3. Amazing job. The detail and your execution is boggling my mind.

  4. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Amazing work on this one Olli , the detailing and paint work is so outstanding.
    The rigging is very well done and applied, this is a pure joy to watch.
    Thank you for sharing the photographs.

  5. Really nice work. Great attention to detailing, too.

  6. This looks magnificent!

  7. Hello Olli,
    Excellent replica of this floating fortification. It looks great.
    Regards, Dirk

  8. What a model, I can only look at this with awe. Superb job. The ship itself is one of the nicest looking ships ever built and the detailing and painting on your model is exquisite.

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