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IJN Battleship Mikasa 1905, Hasegawa 1/700

Let me post another IJN ship, but it is much older than previous one. This is IJN battleship Mikasa, the flagship of Russo-Japanese war (1904-1905). She was designed and built by Vickers shipyard in the UK; therefore, it was technically a [...]

YAMATO "Before and After" diorama

I made a battleship YAMATO "Before and After" diorama and I am posting some pictures. The small scale (1/1250) made it somewhat difficult for me, but in general everything went well and in the end I think it turned out to be a [...]

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch

French Battleship "Jean Bart", Waterline, version 1955, 1/100, full scratch length : 2.50m width : 36cm time taken to complete : #3500h

French Battleship "Richelieu", version 1950/51, 1/100, full scratch

French Battleship "Richelieu", version 1950/51, 1/100, full scratch length : 2.50m width : 36cm height (from keel to top of mast): 61cm time taken to complete : #5000h now on display at the Saint Dizier museum (eastern France)

Scharnhorst, 1943, Dragon Smart Kit

This submission is a mid-build evaluation of Dragon's 1/350 Scharnhorst 1943 [Smart Kit]. Many others have submitted comprehensive and helpful reviews on this kit and its predecessor, Scharnhorst 1940. This is a nit-picky submission, and [...]

Oldie but Goldie: Tamiya 1/350 Bismarck

Here are some photos of my first ship built after >30 years: the classical Tamiya Bismarck. The only upgrades added to the kit were the decking and some generic DKM railing. Other departures from the kit were home made [...]

DKM Bismarck 1/700

A couple of months ago I came back to the hobby after a long seven years without modelling anything... Since I got into model making I always wanted to build the Bismarck. 13 years ago I purchased Revell's 1/350 scale kit, back then the [...]

USS West Virginia

Ever since I got the USS West Virginia in World of Warships, I have really wanted to build a model of it. There were some fitting issues with the kit but it was a pretty fun build. The entire thing is painted with one paintbrush. This is [...]

USS Colorado in drydock

I wanted achieve a highly weathered effect so I used large amounts of washes and weathering techniques. I wanted to make some parts look like they were covered with clothes so I made these clothes out of tin foil. The dock is scratchbuilt.

1/700 H.M.S. Prince of Wales

This build took 4 month, spending about 5 hours a week. It became quite a terrifying experience towards the end, because I know if I were to make a mistake or an accident, it would deny months of effort, I’m just glad I made it to the [...]