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L-13 Blaník /// Planet models /// 1:32

December 22, 2018 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.3K

This is my last build in 2018.

Mentioned as a gift for my father.

The kit itself is bad as much as it gets. Cockpit is practically scratchbuild, there was almost nothing in the box (definitely nothing accurate). Wings connection to fuselage is wrong in the shape as well as from the kit construction. Resin material is full of microbubbles, so you will have a lot of work with the surface preparation (I mean - much more work than with really bad plastic kit).

I wished I would have had more time to fix all kit errors, but Christmas is the deadline. 🙂

Color scheme inspiration cames from Slovacky aeroklub in Kunovice, CZ.

From some distance, the finished looks great and attractive and that was my goal.

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  1. Well, Martin - you've made a beautiful model of a very attractive sailplane. It's too bad the kit was so much trouble.

    It falls under the 3 meter rule: if it looks good at 3 meters, it IS good.

    Bravo! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. This looks fantastic and it's nice to see something off the beaten track. Like!

  3. Very unusual. Looks great!

  4. This looks beautiful Martin - given what you had to go through it is has worked out wonderfully well!

  5. A beautiful build !

  6. The Blaník was always one of my full scale favorites. Somewhat of a "drag riveted, lead sled" compared to slippery, high performance, glass ships, but still a very competitive choice among soaring pilots. There were not many aluminum sail planes, as glass came on the scene just as the technology was moving towards aluminum, the Schweitzer I-26 and SGS-232 being other notable examples. The Blaník was arguably the best of the breed. Not to mention the Blaník wing makes a great chase-lounge

    Is it bad form to ask a Blaník pilot what he does for excitement?

  7. A lovely build Martin! Love the color scheme, and the shading looks very nice.

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