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Storming the lines

December 20, 2018 · in Diorama · · 12 · 2K

This is the Male WW1 Heavy Battle Tank depicted stuck in a trench system while the battle continues around it.

The figures are and . I think the ICM figures are a brand to watch as they have interesting subjects and are of a fairly high standard of detail. They do seem just slightly bigger than 1/35 scale figures from other companies; I'd almost say they are 1/34th scale, however I may be just a little picky. They are still good figures and it's only when you combine them in a scene with figures from another brand that it's a (small) issue.

The badge on the front of the diorama is a Poppy and Silver Fern ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) badge produced by the New Zealand Returned Servicemans Association to commemorate 100 year anniversary of WW1.

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  1. This is great Carl, very realistic .Well done.

  2. This is indeed an excellent scene. I like everything about it. Each time I look at it again, I notice something new. The figures and how they are posed add to the look tremendously. Close Quarter Battle... Lest we forget !


  3. Great work, there's a lot going on in this dio.!

  4. Beautiful!

    And it's just that ICM figures ate their Wheaties...

  5. All in all excellent. The figures are top-notch and your composition is well done.

  6. Beautifully done, Carl. It's VERY lifelike. I feel sorry for the sitting target ... I mean, tank - who zigged where they should have zagged and got stuck in the heart of the battle! Those old beasts didn't have ANY suspension so it must've been painful getting slammed around going over trenches & the like. I saw a YouTube video about these and one of the Generals was inspecting the (then) un-tried tank and saw the tank go sharply up a wall/barricade, then come crashing down. Then the tank stopped so the General could see inside. 3 or 4 men came out of it and stood at attention so the General could see whatever he wanted. Problem was, there are 7 or 8 men on one of those tanks and the others had been knocked unconscious when the tank slammed down from its trip over the barricade!

    Iron men, for sure. LOVE the poppy!

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