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Voyager 1 – the messenger of mankind

December 26, 2018 · in Aviation · · 17 · 3K

Hello, so 1 huh?! One of these best projects that mankind ever did,in my opinion.
Short version:

  1. Explore the flow, dynamics, structure and composition of four planet, Jupiter, Saturn Uranus and Neptune and their moons.
  2. Leave our solar system and find boundry where Sun has no effect to other objects, interstellar space.
  3. Description of the human race, sound of earth and where to find it, on board is LP "Golden record" with instructions how to use it,

Traveling by speed about 17 km/sec = 1 500 000 km/day and until now it is the furthest and fastest
object mankind ever made.

This kit is made by in scale + photo etched parts by .

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17 responses

  1. Beautiful result, sir - that PE must've been tedious (hope it came with a display stand).

  2. Nice model. I see that you can get a CD copy that looks like the golden record for about $20. That would make a great base for your stand.

  3. Very nice model! Nicely done. It does look very fragile though.

  4. Great model of a historically very significant (although unmanned) space vehicle.
    I guess the photo-etched parts were fundamental in providing the highly realistic look to the model.

  5. always wanted to try satellite models maybe in 2019

  6. Looks great, they certainly got theirs money worth out of it.

  7. VERY nicely done, Radek! This is so historical in its nature ... and interesting, too.

  8. Beautiful work on this. A modeling friend at JPL managed to get me an invitation to the Neptune flyby in 1989. Very cool.

    • Lucky you, I wish for more projects like Voyager in future, now we are waiting for James Web Telescope to be launch, it should be in 2021 but we will see if it will be ready until then.

  9. Seeing the model in someone's hand give you an idea of how big Voyager actually is!

  10. Wow, that looks great Radek. However, didn't you see Star Trek I the movie? I don't believe it still looks like your model. Just sayin, lol.

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