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1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc

January 13, 2019 · in Aviation · · 10 · 3K

It has been a while since I have posted a build in progress. Almost a few years if I recall correctly or is seems so.
The club that I belong to has a D-Day invasion anniversary build going on and the this transfers to the club's contest to be held here in Oklahoma march 30th. I figured that I would go with Johnny Johnson's ride that has as the box art. I have previously built the cockpit and assembled it into the fuselage, built the engine and assembled the wing and painted the underside Tamiya RAF Sky. After it cures over night I will start the invasion stripes in accordance to a photo that I have seen..

One of the things that I have done that really boosted my mojo is a change of paints. Instead of using Vallejo I went to Tamiya and I just ordered s few bottles of Gunze Aqueous. I am really excited about the out come of these paints. Anyway, thanks for looking in.
By the way, I am aware that the Harness isn't a Sutton harness. The only decent one that I had was a left over Tempest harness. You know what they say about necessity.

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  1. Excellent progress, Paul...then again, you have an excellent kit from which to start. 🙂

  2. Love the detail in the cockpit, this looks like its going to be a winner.

  3. Very well done, Paul. I love the amount of detail available in the 1/32nd scale. Your painting of the interior is outstanding.


  4. I tried to get the wings painted this weekend but I chose the incorrect colors and had to remove them ( colors) and order the correct ones today. Back at it later.

  5. Looking great Paul! Lovely pit as always. Can't believe you bailed on Vallejo after getting me hooked on them!

  6. I have been busy these past few day on this kit. It k9ind of feels good. Tim had me get the correct colors and I went and bought a whole bunch of Tamiya and Mr Hobby Aqueous paints. Busy with the camo I used some Windsor and Newton masking fluid to mask the areas that ws not ocean gray or XF-66. Using some light pencil marks I traced out the patterns that I got of of John Eaton's web site. I find it is easier for me to paint and decal the wings first then the fuselage.


    Once I had the clear coat done I started the decals. I used Microsol on the fuselage decals and roundels with good results. However when I did the wing roundels I used Mr. Mark softer which gave me the following results.

    I tried using water and a weaker solution of the decal softener with water but the spots still remain.

    I Have read the history of this aircraft and it did not fly during the Normandy invasion but Kno0w that Johnny E Johnson did and this is supposed to replicate his aircraft at that time. This is supposed to be a club project also to commemorate the 75th anniversary of that invasion how ever inaccurate this aircraft's livery is.I have built this kit several times before with pretty much disastrous results and as of now I see that this one will at least look like a better job.

  7. Just a little update. I had nothing but problems with the camo and wings. Paint, decals and some other difficulties but I chose the first set of wings that I managed to screw up and sort of got them where I wanted it. Instead of Mr. Mark Softer I used Solvaset this time with much better results. While I was waiting for it to dry I manag4ed to knock it off the desk and caught it before it hit the floor and in doing so I managed to put a big ole thumb print in the right roundel. I coated it with solvaset to kind og remove the thumb print but it sill shows as a dull spot. Hopefully I can flat coat it into disappearance.

    the other problem that I had was with the yellow warning decals that go on the leading edge. They would just not behave so Ill probably have to do some yellow paint touch up. Next is the engine and landing gear and I am taking a break from dealing for a bit.

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  8. I spent the last three days getting the engine ready to be added to the fuse. I was banging my head trying to find something that would work for ignition wires. Digging through my stash of junk I came across a spool of .3 mm solder. It worked the treat and after a few coats of Tamiya smoke the brilliance of the wire was toned down some. I will add some more weathering later and shoot a coat of satin clear and that should do it.

    I hope that after adding the magnets that hold on the engine panels Ill have a better fit than I did with the other Sp0itfire kits that I have done. At 80.00 to 120.00 dollars a kit practice is quite expensive so I try to keep mistakes down to a minimum. I have one more kit that I am planning to make a FR. XI or maybe I mean IX. I'll figure it pout later.

  9. Oops, I forgot to post these.

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  10. I have most of this done with the exception of paint touch ups and decal pieces. One of the things that I have noticed is that this kit is not complete in the engine compartment. There are several places that have stubs that look to be able to accept some 2mm or smaller Vinyl hose or tubing. also the coolant plumbing is not complete along with the missing fuel rails etc,etc. so II will be closing the top of this engine with the proper panel. I have a choice of two. Knowing about this issue will prepare me to gather the much needed details for the next Spit that is built.

    The landing gear went on with out much fuss and the Barracuda studios resin wheels look pretty good on it also.Later this week will be the fin flash, gun barrels and bombs and all of the missing decals and as it sits right now I am looking to be finishe3d with this build this next week.

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