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Dassault Rafale C 1/48

January 1, 2019 · in Aviation · · 23 · 4.3K

Hi everyone i'm back with a new model, the last of 2018 this one was very fun to build and paint. I'm french so i'm proud to present to you the aircraft of my country it was a pleasure to work on the best plane of the world ? I creat, paint and add grass to the base to have a very realistic result. Hope you will like it ?

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  1. most impressive

  2. Rafale…..Well-done work of an artisan. F-18 very nice, too.
    Show us more of your work.

  3. Tres Bon! A great build with huge interest and appeal - the colour scheme is fantastic. Base is great. Paintwork and finishe are exceptional,


  4. Really great build! Congrats.

  5. Wow, this is the first Rafale that caught my eye, very very nice work overall. It’s a stunning Tigermeet (?) livery.

  6. Definitely awesome!

  7. Yeah...what they said ! 🙂

  8. Nice! a great looking paint scheme.

  9. Fantastic paint work. I like the Rafale.

  10. Nice work, Jocelyn! Great scheme. I’m not French, but I am a huge fan of the Rafale. I even built two of them last year.

  11. Fantastic build, great paint job and weathering. I like this very much indeed. Awesome...

  12. Hello Jocelyn,
    Great aircraft (Rafale) with a very interesting color coating.
    I would have liked this aircraft for the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
    They are going for a 5th generation full off mechanical start problems.
    Regards, Dirk

  13. Beautiful Rafale, Jocelyn! Everything about this aircraft (real and model) is VERY good looking. Your F-18 companion is excellent, too.

  14. The Rafale is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful fighters ever built. A very capable fighter so typical of the Dassault brand. You did an amazing job on a very nice kit. I built the Revell 1/48 offering and would like to build the Hobbyboss version of this highly capable fighter. Your build is VERY IMPRESSIVE!

  15. Love the Rafale - excellent paint and finish work, and a very cool scheme. Well done!

  16. Lovely work Jocelyn. Weathering, paint & attention to detail is superb. And by the way; your F-18 is rather nice too! I'm a big fan of anything Dassault produces, so please post some more.

  17. Hello.
    Ton travail est remarquable sur cette maquette. Vraiment chapeau bas.

    Je me permet juste une "critique". Je travail sur cet oiseau depuis 6 ans maintenant.
    Tes élevons sont dans une position impossible au sol. Quand la pression hydraulique est nul une fois les moteurs coupés les élevons tombent de leur propre poid en position basse.

    Les traces d'usure sur ton scalp sont impossible. Les scalp sont toujours conservés en conteneurs. Ils ne volent jamais assez pour être à ce point erronés. Leurs ailettes ne se déploient uniquement lorsqu'ils sont largués.
    Pour finir cette configuration tri bombe scalp n'existe pas.

    Sinon vraiment ton travail est d'une perfection absolue.

    • Merci beaucoup pour ce commentaire ! En français en plus merci !? Tu m'apprend des choses, j'y penserai si je décide de faire à nouveau un rafale.
      Mais il est vrai que je fais des maquettes plus pour le côté artistique et que souvent je ne me souci pas des détails. Pourtant j aime beaucoup l'aviation mais je dois faire des efforts sur les recherches (techniques et observation de photos) en amont pour éviter faire ces petites erreurs. Merci encore pour les compliments ?

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