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1/48 Special Hobby Breda 65 A80

April 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.8K

Aircraft from Aviazione Legionaria 1937, Spanish Civil War. If you have no experience with limited run kits don't try this one as your first attempt. Extra detail was added to engine and cockpit with kit guns replaced by Master barrels. I vacuformed a replacement canopy hood as the kit part was too thick to pose in the open position. The decals for the fuselage numbers, black roundels with the M and fin squadron insignia were custom made by Bob Norgren.

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  1. Technically superb, Dale, and lovely artwork on the camouflage. The canopy turned out great, but, boy is that a bad canopy design - how could those pilots see anything?


  2. Thanks for your positive comments. David it was not just the canopy that was poorly designed, it was the entire aircraft! This, along with its stable mate the Ba. 88, are among the worst attack aircraft of W.W.II.

  3. Yep, and despite being a complete flop, it has an awkwardly sexy looks 🙂 it’s a great build Dale, wonderfully made

  4. beautiful model

  5. Very nice build and finish, Dale. And thank you for that article also because I do have that kit in my stash and no idea until now about it...I will take yours as an inspiration.

    • Thanks Michael. One thing you need to look out for in this build is the landing gear is 2-3 m.m. too long. If not adjusted the plane will sit very noticeably nose high. Also make sure the cowling opening diameter is right. I've seen a build where it was too small and it really throws the look of the engine way off.

  6. Well done! Is there any chance of a vacform tutorial on iModeler 🙂

    • Thanks Erik. I just have an old Mattel machine and use the kit parts as a master. I fill the inside of the part with art plaster to strengthen it so it's not damaged in the forming process. As far as tutorials, I believe there are some on the internet that are far better than I could do!

  7. Great job! love the engine detail.

  8. Nice work from what I know personally is a dogmeat kit. Excellent result.

  9. beautifully done! I've got one of these in 1/72 - will use yours as reference!

  10. Great work Dale !
    Wonderful to see these Italian subject being built.

  11. Thanks gentlemen for the positive comments!

  12. Nice work, Dale. I enjoy these offbeat planes too.

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