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I’m baaaaaack, Bronco 1/35 British A-9 Cruiser (Hello, Schultz)

May 4, 2019 · in Armor · · 10 · 2.5K

First Model finished in over a year. Got plenty of excuses but you don't want to hear 'em. Been starting them and God knows still buying them, just don't get round to finishing them. Finally got the bug to complete this paragon of British armor.

The A-9 was Britain's first modern tank, designed to exploit breakthroughs and create trouble behind the lines, using (Cruising) speed and it's multiple machine guns. Due to the parsimony of the times (fundzalow) the A-9 was built as cheaply and simply as possible, having very thin armor. The forward sub-turrets were a popular feature of '30's designs. Only 125 were built. They served in France in 1940, and the Libyan desert during the early campaigns where they were much more useful than one would think.

The kit is a good one, assembly posing no problems being not overly complicated as some Broncos can be. I painted it with brushed-on Vallejo colors I mixed to replicate the desert Caunter scheme, marked (hopefully) as a tank taking part in Operation "Compass" in 1940-41, the campaign that drove the Italians out of Libya, and Britain's first success.

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  1. Welcome baaaaack, Bill...good-lookin' been-a-while build ya got there (and nicely presented, too).

  2. Wow, that is one fabulous build. Very, very nice. As one of my friends here calls it, "Goldilocks" on the weathering--not too much, not too little.

  3. i heard that in a movie for your dilemma we all understand ...great looking model...good to see you back wondered about you

  4. Glad to see you back. Life happens. Great result with this model.

  5. Another great tank with the caunter scheme. First Bronco Cruiser I recall seeing built. Fantastic presentation here also.

  6. Nice to see your work again, Great job! The turrets reminds me of the Lee/grant.

  7. Thankee boyz, thankee. 'Tis good to be back amongst the cool kids.

  8. First rate work. Great subject and terrific result (takes a good model to stand up to the scrutiny of close, tight camera work and good lighting). Lovely base, too. All brought together with marvellous prose and more than a little humour.

    Great post, Bill.


  9. Beautifully done, Bill! You nailed it.

  10. A typically beautiful Koppos-esque job. I don't know how that dumbkopf Schultz missed this. 9 months ago! I know Nnnuuzzing! 🙁

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