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Just arrived on my front porch

Looks like H-K did their research with Mark Postlethwait’s Dambusters research. They’ve got the first accurate markings and camo of Gibson’s G-George (some minor but important variation on the factory scheme, limited to his airplane only).

All the lovely detail of the first kit.

7 responses to Just arrived on my front porch

  1. What a picture of a box? Talk about twisting the knife…not even a teaser of plastic.

    I’ve been following “Just Jane’s” restoration and it looks as if there will be a third Lancaster to grace the skies. That would be a neat formation. I would assume that a article is in order to make amends for showing just a box. Now if Sir Peter could make his movie…

    Here is a teaser for Jane.

  2. 1:32??? Jesus! These new kit manufacturers must believe we modelers are all living in huge houses… Even a 1:72 four engined plane barely fits into my cabinet – or this is just me?

  3. You must have a big porch! Enjoy…. keep us posted on the build of the model and the addition to the porch….

  4. go to the auto parts paint store and get you a gallon of MEK

  5. Oh my! That baby looks superb. Build a shelf because she a beast to display.

  6. Um, did it fit on your porch?

    I’m really looking forward to seeing it. Wow.

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