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Hello fellow modellers!
My name is Manuel, I was born in 1968 in PortugaI and work in Information Technologies.
As a modeler, main focus are airplanes on the 1/72 and 1/48 scales and military vehicles and figures in 1/35.
I always try to tell a story through my models. A famous pilot aircraft, something I saw in a photograph, a book, or somewhere else. That’s why you will find one ‘real’ photo among the others in the post. For this same reason, my models have different levels of weathering, depending on the reality they are representing.
Personally I like (and this hobby is to give us some pleasure) dirty and worned models, but I also understand that this is not always the reality and therefore these techniques are not always adequate.
In fact, making a model with a ‘normal’ wear aspect can also be challenging.
To conclude, I hope you like my stories and ask you for constructive and sincere criticisms.

Thank you,

Red Arrows Bae Hawk T.MkI; Revell 1/72

(For the last months I've been busy building long projects and I wanted a quick-build. When I found this old-Matchbox-now-Revell half built and without some parts wreck that some one had given to me years ago, I decided to give it a go.) I[...]

Neil Armstrong’s F9F-2 Panther – Trumpeter 1/48

To know a little about the history of this plane and its famous pilot, see my previous article: Following my build of Neil Armstrong's Panther in 1:72, and in which I showed a letter he wrote to his father during the Korean War, I was ki[...]

Portuguese T-37C ; Hasegawa 1/72

In order to replace the T-33 as a jet trainer, the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) received the first 12 Cessna T-37C Tweety Bird, in December 1962, supplied by the United States. They were transported by sea and assembled at the Oficinas Gerais [...]

Saab JAS39 Gripen; 1:48

In the late 1970s, Sweden sought to replace its ageing Saab 35 Draken and Saab 37 Viggen. An affordable Mach 2 aircraft with good short-field performance for a defensive dispersed basing plan in the event of invasion was required; the plan i[...]

Portuguese DH-88 Comet ‘Salazar’. Kovozavody Prostejov, 1/72

The de Havilland DH.88 Comet is a British two-seat, twin-engined aircraft built by the de Havilland Aircraft Company. It was developed specifically to participate in the 1934 England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race from the United Kingdom to[...]

‘Jolly Rogers’ Grumman F-14A; Hasegawa 1/72

The F-14 first flew on 21 December 1970 and made its first deployment in 1974 with the U.S. Navy aboard USS Enterprise (CVN-65), replacing the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II. The F-14 served as the U.S. Navy's primary maritime air superior[...]

1/72 Swiss Bf-109G-6

The history of the Bf-109 is well documented and so I'm not going it into it today :-) About a week ago, in the midle of some long-time buildings, I felt like a fast build. Browsing through my stash, I found an old, simple (maybe too much) Air[...]

Airbus A380 Revell 1:144

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airliner today. The full-length double-deck aircraft has a typical seating capacity of 525, though it is certified for up to 853 passengers. It is powered by four Engine Alliance GP7200 or Ro[...]

30+ year old kit restoration (F-19; 1:72)

One of these days, when storing kits built as a teenager, I found an old Italeri F-19, built more than 30 years ago. Although I don't like what-ifs and the like, this kit was important in my youth for the years spent playing the simulator of t[...]

Spitfire MK.Ia. Tamiya 1:48

The Supermarine Spitfire and it’s place in Battle of Britain needs no presentation 😊 I’ve always wanted to build a Spitfire in 1:48 and when Tamiya issue their last one I knew time has arrived. The kit almost builds itself, with almost [...]