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Afv club, IDF, Shot Kal in 1/35

June 10, 2019 · in Armor · · 27 · 6.8K

Hi Everyone, here is my , Centurion, , , 1973 (the Yom Kippur war version). Since the kit is extremely rare and the one I found on Ebay was extremely expensive, I Built it from 2 kits: Shot early version and Shot kal gimel.

This is a gesture to a good friend and an excellent photographer - Robbie Reikman, who was a young soldier when the war broke. He served in division 7, battalion 82 located in the Golan heights. And was a crew member of a Shot Kal that was destroyed in the early hours of the war. Robbie was badly injured, but insisted to go back to the front line.
This one is a model of his second tank no. 815174.

I attached also 2 original pictures of the real tank (these pictures were taken after the war). In one of them you can see Robbie warming up on top of the engine cover.

After market stuff:

  • R-model metal tracks
  • Legend Shot Kal stowage set
  • Division miniature 105 mm metal barrel
  • Voyager photo eched detailing set
  • Def.model Centurion IDF Shot Mantlet w/ Canvas cover.

Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig. main body color is A.mig 132 -IDF Sinai grey 1973, main pigment for weathering is A.mig Golan Earth.

Thank you!

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  1. Nice work and photos Allon - it looks superb!
    How did you find the kit to build!
    I have the AfV Australian centurion and it looks quite complicated and fiddly!
    Great to hear the inspiration behind the project too.

    • Thank you, David! these AFV Club kits are highly detailed and usually very accurate. A pleasure to build! Go ahead with your Centurion and good luck!

  2. Very realistic finishing job there, sir...nice work.

  3. Beautifully finished and weathered - a gorgeous piece of armor. Well done.

  4. Allon, this tank sure looks like a lot of tanks I have seen ... and used ... in various parts of the world!

    Bravo, Amigo!

  5. A great build!

  6. As an older and former US Army tanker, I can tell you from experience that you nailed the look of this one... I think that my fellow tanker pal Jeff Bailey will agree.

    We both spent some time in the deserts crewing similar metal beasts. They all have a few things in common. They get dirty and dusty (or muddy depending where you are) in the blink of an eye. They're very hot in the summer and refrigerator "Ice box" cold in the winter.

    I really like what you have done with this one. All of your armor builds are spectacular.


  7. Excellent model Allon! Very nicely done.

    I was 3 days in the US Navy when that war broke out. I was standing next to an Israeli-American in our barracks when the word was delivered to him. Ahhh, memories...

  8. your stuff is always first class Allon

  9. OK, I won't even mention how old I was when the Yom Kippur War broke out, but I was a new Second Lieutenant in the Air Force at the time. I remember watching the news of the war on TV. I have always thought that the color on Israeli tanks is very hard to duplicate, and yours looks perfect. Great job with great weathering.

  10. Just a fantastic build, love it

  11. Allon, at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, I find myself looking forward to anything you build. What I really like is that you have an eye (bit like Charles King) for nailing ‘reality’. Your projects have a quality that’s hard to define that is more than just skill - you draw the viewer into the subject in a way that suggests you see your builds in a unique way.

    I often find myself asking the question when I see your work, “what is it that I’m enjoying so much?” - I see a lot of very, very skilfully made models, but there’s something (again, a bit like Charles) about your miniatures that suggest art more than replication.

    Sorry to go on.

    ‘Liked’ - obviously...

    • Thank you so much, David, for your detailed comment! Let me tell you something, but please don't tell anyone- when I look at my models I only see mistakes... this is frustrating, man...
      Anyway, about realism, I think that the fact that I served as an artillery man in the IDF for long years, helps a bit because I still remember how these vehicles should look like.
      Thanks again and have a great evening!

  12. Stunning work mate! The weathering and attention to detail are immaculate. Your builds are easily some of the best armour here on imodeler!

  13. beautiful build and by the way this is the most beautiful tank to me personally, must build one too.

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