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Tamiya 1/48 F4U-2

November 29, 2012 · in Aviation · · 8 · 1.4K

I love the , and I particularly enjoy building Corsairs. This was my first folded wing corsair. I used pictures from the Osprey book on Corsair aces (This aircraft was on the USS Enterprise) to help me to paint this one. It is the tricolour scheme with fresh non specular sea blue sprayed onto the "intermediate blue" areas. I found using GSB as the "fresh flat sea blue" and then brushing a flat coat over the whole aircraft gave it the look of the paint job in the photo. Some think they sprayed black on the fuselage sides but I really don't think so myself- at sea, at war, you don't really have a Sherman Williams store of colours around...

My take on the aircraft- sorry for the poor lighting- don't have much time to photo and post these days, and weather has been pretty crappy.

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  1. I notice some dust. If you want a neat trick for cleaning up your models, get two old spray bottles. Fill both with tap water. Put a thimbleful of dish soap in one (don't shake it for suds). Wash the model with the soap bottle, then rinse with the other. Allow to air dry. It's clean and nothing got broken.

    Nice work on the model.

    • Thanks very much for the cleaning idea. I have to be pretty careful with how much water- as we have high high humidity here- even with climate control- but I will be trying that!

  2. Dan,

    nice build. Do you plan on adding some antenna's to her?


    • yep- I have been pretty transient in the last few years. I think I finally have a dedicated display area, and can add some wires in the coming year to a number of my kits.

  3. good model job Dan... although I am sure you did not post your stuff to get advice.. not what this site is for I was told... it is yours, do as you please, I noticed everyone else is..

    • I am of the mind that all input is useful, as long as we all agree to respect each other's ideas- maybe my comments were a bit emphatic- i will need to be sure I keep it basic I guess. I can learn a lot from everyne here, I am sure! Easy for me to chatter on, not much going on in Bermuda between modellers- not sure how many more active ones there are here!

  4. Eight years later and this is still a nice build, Dan. Hope you've had the time and where with all to make many more!

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