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Barber 51- Kitty Hawk’s AH-6J, Operation Gothic Serpent, Mogadishu, 1993

Hello iModeler! Here is my 1/35th scale AH-6J finished as Barber 51 during the battle of , , 3 OCT 1993. I used detail sets from , to include the exhaust shroud, FLIR and the AH-6J / MH-6J Update/Correction set. Full disclosure: I made the CAD work for that set.

Painting was done using Vallejo Model Air Black on the bottom portions of the fuselage, Vallejo NATO black on the sides and Vallejo RLM 66 Black Grey on the top parts to represent the highlights. I also used the Werner's Wings Irene decal set. For the lens on the FLIR, I took a ribbon, like the kind you stick to a present, made out of iridescent plastic, and used a punch to cut out an appropriate size disk and glued it in place with white glue.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. A real beauty! Well done!

  2. Outstanding build, Ramon...missed your work. Good to see you back at the bench. 🙂

    • Thank you Craig! I haven't posted much lately, but I still like to check out everyone else's builds. I have been at my bench, just not as much. I have been doing more 3d work on my computer, some of which includes working with Werner's Wings on the update set for this kit. I have more to post very soon, so stay tuned!

  3. Outstanding build from a very interesting conflict. The guys flying this airframe deserved every Air Medal they were awarded. They were all but flying naked at rooftop level above a lot of very unhappy people.

  4. Outstanding, Ramon! I like your Ribbon "lens!" Very original.

  5. Awesome build. Really brings back memories. I was in Mogadishu as part of the Joint Task Force during Operation Restore Hope. I was in an Air Force mobile headquarters unit that would go to major operations and set up command and control for airlift operations. We spent several lovely months in what was left of the American Embassy in Mogadishu controlling intra-theater airlift operations. The embassy was about 6 kilometers from the airport. You never knew what you were going to get here, one minute the streets were full of waving kids, then the next minute they would be full of angry protestors throwing things and shooting at you. My favorite was when "technicals" would drive down the road next to the embassy and lob grenades over the wall. After spending my time in Mogadishu dodging snakes, snipers, and hand grenades, I decided to retire. You can only have so much fun. I dug out some photos of my time there and have posted them in a separate article. There are several photos of the aircraft and armor there, as well as some of the remnants of the Somali Air Force and some of the "technicals".

  6. Ramon, that's a sweet looking "little bird." Like George, I spent some time at Mogadishu air base in early 1993 (before the Blackhawk Down) incident. I was an Army fixed-wing pilot assigned to the 207th Aviation Company from Heidelberg, Germany, flying C-12's.

    Your paint work captures the look of those 160th birds really well.

  7. Nicely done Ramon, very nice indeed.

  8. That paint job makes for a very sinister little chopper

  9. That is a very nice build.


  10. Very nice - and a great tip on the ribbon lens! I'll use that idea.

  11. captured it

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