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Saab J 35Ö Mk.II Draken – Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte Fliegerregiment 2, 1. Staffel

Bonjour chers imodelers,

This is my rendition of the Saab J 35 Draken, under the colours of the Austrian Air Force in 2003. The model is the one from Eduard/Hasegawa with photo-etched parts, resin parts, adhesive masks and Cartograf decals. I just added pitot tubes from Master Model which bring a more realistic finish. I met some fitting issues, as usual with Hasegawa, annoying but not tragic. Some steps in the intructions sheet are foggy or even wrong compared to the real plane. Not serious, Mr Eduard ! I tried for the first time post shading instead of pre shading. I am quite happy with the result, although the varnish had a fading effect.

I like the shades of grey on the Austrian Draken. Except for some details, like front wheel, the overal shapes of the J 35 look to me still modern. This plane was able to reach Mach 2 at a time when there were still few jets that were able to. It was the great period of European aviation with the Mirage III or the BAC Lightning.

I hope you like it, and thanks for watching!

See you soon for another project…

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17 responses

  1. Very nice rendition of the Draken. I studied in Vienna and there is one of these aircraft outside the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum there. It really made a Star-Wars like impression on me first time I saw it. Its looks way ahead of its time I find…

  2. Nice work. Any problems in assembly? I have one in queue to build soon.

  3. Very cool, it’s a seldom seen built model and your Drakken looks very solid, with the proper look of a well maintained machine

  4. The Draken was definitely one of the best of the 3rd generation jet fighters, and did look very different from everything else. You’ve done a great job of capturing it.

  5. Nice one! And an unusual plane around here.
    Congrats on the build!

  6. Aahh – Draken. . . – brings back memories as they were all over the sky when I was quite a bit younger. In Denmark we still have two that are kept in running condition, but sadly not flying – I had to borrow the one from Sweden for “my” latest airshow at Stauning – what a treat!

    Now, your build is so well done – the weathering is just spot on with the oil streaks and all – thanx for sharing!

  7. Nicely done rendition of my homeland´s former flying oldies!

  8. Love the Swedish designs, and seeing the Draken in this scheme means I’ll need to add another to my stash! Yours looks fantastic – love the scheme, and the weathering. Well done.

  9. Great job, Stephane. I really like the camo with the strikingly large numbers on top of the wings.

  10. Thanks again to all for your nice comments.

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