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AMT 1/48 P-40k

November 2, 2019 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.7K

Oh no, not another Tom! Yep this happens to be number 19 in my collection with five more build able kits in the stash. Had been looking for a P-40K for some time now so I could build this colorful version flown by Lt R. Johnson Overcash with the 64th FS, 57th FG based at Hani Main, Tunisia. Hopefully I'll find the P-40K version someday as I have additional decals for another K Model.

AMT kits are not bad considering how dated they are, with a little care you can still build a nice model from them., To achieve a K Model you basically cut off the tail of a P-40E and attach the K Model tail. I added an Ultracast seat, exhause stacks, plus the wheels from a Hasegawa P-40 E kit to jazz her up a bit. Used Light Sand paint for the top and Neutral gray for the bottom. Decals are from Strike Eagle and nylon thread was used for the antenna wire. Between work and honey do projects I built her in a week.

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  1. Nice work here again, Tom.

    Not that it matters all that much, but what AMT did here was actually create a P-40E-5 instead pf a P-40K (the difference is all in the vertical fin). The good news out of that is, if you have the decals for Robert L. Scott's "Old Exterminator," it was an E-5. so the kit is perfect for it (number 20? 🙂 )

  2. Great looking P-40 Tom, I also like the base.

  3. Keep’em coming Tom, the P-40 is a graceful plane an a favourite here. Besides am yet to see one of your P-40 production I dislike

  4. Nice work, Tom. I like the big tail P-40s a lot.

  5. Looks great, Tom. BTW: enjoy Cleveland.

  6. Never too many P-40's,[or F-4's] and this ones a gem! I've got an old Revell 1/72 'K' , thinking of doing 'Jinx 13' but was it grey or was it o.d. the controversy continues.

  7. Very nice work Tom ! @tom-bebout

    You really have a knack for building this type... I have never seen anyone so prolific as you are when it comes to these P-40's of yours. You have a regular Curtiss factory going on, but yours is in a 1/48 scale. I like your trademark display base too. It looks especially realistic on this one wearing desert camouflage colors. Thanks for the heads up on the book "The Lost Squadron". It's been very interesting so far and a worthy addition to the library.


  8. Tom,
    Somewhere in “the stash” I’ve got a 1/48th Hasegawa P-40K I believe. If I can find it, she’s yours (I’ve got two 1/32 Hasegawa P-40K’s to keep me busy ?)

  9. One of your nicest ones yet, Tom. Or should I say "neighbor"?

    I made the pilgrimage this week...

    Anyway, simply outstanding weathering on this bird--not too much, not too little.

  10. another killa tom

  11. great looking P-40! and ambitious, you'd never know it didn't come as a K, very, very nice

  12. Looks great Tom –not overly-stylized, just well built, painted and presented.

  13. Nice work Tom - the desert schemes really work well on P-40's!
    Great to see.

  14. Another beauty to add to your collection! Love the desert scheme. Well done.

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