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November 4, 2019 · in Aviation · · 22 Comments

Monogram kit scale .F 100 D super sabre 429th FBS /474th FWB .
Testors metallizer paint, Decals Superscale 48-226 .

18 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses

  1. Really like your work here. And the touch of sepia in the 1st 9 photos is different...and cool.

  2. Absolutely fab 'hun Valter. These pics look almost like the real deal! Well done!

  3. Excellent Super Sabre!, love the remove before flight tags.

  4. Very fine work.

  5. What you achieved here with the old Mono kit is remarkable and speaks volumes about your skills as a modeler. Well done!

  6. Wow! I have done this kit, multiple times back in the day, and this is the best rendition of it I have ever seen. Until I got to the shot with the pilot figure, you could have convinced me these were shots of a real one. And even then, the figure is good enough if he hadn't had the "Monogram stance" I could have been open to persuasion.

    This is really excellent work on all levels. I love it!

  7. I am very honored by your words ?

  8. Wonderful photography of a superbly done model! Looks like the real deal.

  9. Superb work, Valter! I'm with Tom; I thought the photos were of a real airplane!

    And your photography & background are Top Shelf.

  10. Beautiful F-100. Have to agree with Tom, it’s the best I’ve ever seen.

  11. Beautiful! Proof once again the old Monogram kits are worth building!

  12. Beautiful Hun. Looks like the panel lines have been sanded smooth and redone which is a hell of a task in itself.

    This is one of those planes that give me grief on any build I've attempted or completed mostly because of the NMF. I've wrecked more kits than I've built which is sad because I like the Hun.

  13. Brilliant, just brilliant!

    Great photos too

  14. This is the reason why I love USAF jets from the 50's! It is just about as outrageous as George Laven's F-100C. (Or his F-84 or F-104 for that matter!) I agree with the others here, the sepia tone pictures really look the part!

  15. Those first photos are just true to life, simply amazing. Besides you having skills of a camera pro, the model is just beautiful, especially the NMF

  16. Excellent build, even better photos

  17. Perfect rendition for my favorite bird. Total happiness?...

  18. Well done Valter, you really made that old kit shine.

  19. Bravo Valter, spettacolare lavoro.

  20. great Valter...

    looking good always

  21. Hello Valter,
    My compliments on what you accomplished with this Monogram Model.
    It looks fantastic. Regards, Dirk

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