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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 14

November 11, 2019 · in Aviation · · 8 ≡

Well, its time for another progress report on the SAAF Mirage F1 AZ, I hope all of you are being entertained by this build, and are enjoying the progress pics. I was thinking on posting pictures of me throwing a tantrum from pure frustration, but I think that would have put people off building models for ever...

Well lets have at it,

I completed building the undercarriage doors, and installed all the internal linkages that allow the doors to close when the gear retracts, as well as the hydraulic jacks and piping, I still need to do some paint touch ups and a little weathering to tone down the aluminum a bit, then it should look about right, this I will do in the final stages of the build.
As you will see from the pictures I did a little weathering on the underside of the fuselage, while I was waiting for filler to dry on the cockpit.
Next was the front wind screen, this is always a challenge in the build for me, you want to avoid any scratches and damage to the finish,
I vac formed the windscreen 3 times, every time I vac formed I found a hair imprint, hence the tantrum, I did manage to get it right at the end, then I added the windscreen frames, installed to the fuselage, masked and painted, This seems easy, but it was quite a challenge to get the alignment right.

I still need to scribe and add rivet lines to show the canopy frame and do a few touch ups on the paint work.

Hope you like the progress so far.



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  1. It's fascinating to see the detail that's packed into all those internal bits and pieces, achieveing a level of realism that leaves most of us standing. My attempts at adding detail ususally suffer from the average bodgery that many of us practice. I envy your skills and patience and am sure the finished model should satisfy even your critical eye. All the best - Paul.

  2. Hey Paul, thank you as always for your kind works and inspirational comments, its guys like you that keep me going with this solitary hobby we share. Thanks again Mate.

  3. When I get frustrated like you, I went outside on my patio and had a beer or two, even when it was below zero in the winter time over in Colorado.

    Your "in-progress" photos plus the darn good quality of your model are very good.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Marc, once again you have proven yourself a master craftsman. The F1's undercarriage always reminds me of an eagle's claw while in flight and this, I have to say, you have manged to capture perfectly.
    She definitely looks the part.
    Now I must get off my lazy arse and build.

  5. Good going Marc! Excellent work as always. Way above my skill level.

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