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Lothar Von Richthofen Albatros D III - Roden - 1:32

December 8, 2019 · in Aviation · · 27 · 5.2K

Dear friends, this is a project that I start in summer. This week end finally I finish it. I have built it out of the box. For rigging I have used the Uschi Van der Rosten wire and the 0,5 mm rod by Albion Alloy. For the wood graining i have used the stencils of RB production, the result is not the same that we can obtain with Uschi decal, but it is accettable. The signs are those of Manfred Von Richthofen's brother, Lothar
What do you think about it?

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  1. I think this looks really nice, Carlo.

  2. That’s a pretty bird!

  3. Very neat looking Albatros ! Were there any problems you ran into during the construction phase ? I have been thinking about getting one of these Roden kits and building it up as a plane flown by Werner Voss.

    Also, how did you make the turnbuckles ? Could you please give us a few details ? They look very does the wood grain finish. These Albatros and Pfalz aircraft were among the most streamlined looking planes of "The Great War" and are among my favorties.


    • Hi Louis - As I think I mentioned, I've hi-jacked your idea some time back of a Voss figure in front of F1 103/17. I'm working my way through the Eduard 1/48 103/17 kit bit have already finished Voss' Alb DIII and my version of his Pfalz DIII. I'll post them with the Voss figure when I've got the "OK". Paul

      • Hey Paul !
        This sounds excellent, and I'm eagerly watching for this to get posted ... I would love to see your Albatros and his Pfalz DIII. Great minds must think alike. I have also been thinking about building up a SE5a in the colors of Rhys-Davids to go with the "Voss collection". I would have done it in 1/48, but with my vision as it is I opted to go 1/32...

    • Thanks Louis, I posted a photo with the material that need for the turnbuckles. Tube 0,5 mm by albion alloys, Elastic wire from uschi van der rosten. If you are interested I can made a photo sequence of work. ?

  4. The Roden Albatros kits have everything you need, but the kits are closer to
    "limited run" than an Eduard or Wingnut Wings kit. The turnbuckles are available from "Bob's Buckles" and are photoetch (Don't know if Carlo used those, but a lot of people do.)

    • Thanks for the info Tom, as I have a 1/32 scale Roden DIII kit on order . Your reply prompted me to do a little research on my own. Rather than go with the flat profile that's provided with PE parts, if I decide to purchase any aftermarket buckles, I would probably go a different route, especially in this larger scale. Flat PE parts would be OK in 1/48, but that's only my opinion. After a little research, I found that GasPatch makes some fantastic turnbuckles, in both metal and resin. They make the special Albatros style in 1/32. The only drawback is they are a little expensive. They make all sorts of turnbuckles for various types of aircraft.

      I really like how Carlo made his own...

    • I use tube by albyon alloys. For the next project, an albatros DV by wingnut wings, I buy the tunbuckets by gaspatch model. I will tell you my opinion

  5. Carlo - That's a lovely-looking DIII which you've obviously spent a lot of time getting to look "right". Well done! It's unfortunate that Roden (and Eduard in their 1/48 scale V-strutters) don't include the pipework for the cooling system between the wing rad and the power plant. I've just made both a Pfalz DIII and an Albatros DIII in 1/48 from Eduard and found this a surprising omission for such an obvious part of the aircraft. I used flexible fuse wire (15 amp I think) for both of these which produce quite a realistic result. Perhaps Wingnut Wings includes these details but at a cost! Paul

  6. Lovely work Carlo!

  7. Looks fantastic! The wood grain looks really good on these WWI birds.

  8. Very nice paintjob !

  9. Nice work Carlo. I know Roden kits can be 'challenging' but your Albatros looks superb.

    I too would be interested in a tutorial about making turnbuckles. In the meantime I did find this article online which has some good tips:

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