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December 11, 2019 · in Aviation · · 22 Comments

Hey, All
1/48, Accurate Miniatures, P-51A. Built OOB. I decided to separate the canopy into their respective open positions, to show off the kits cockpit. Also, added the antennas. Painted with Mr.Colors paints. Lightly weathered with oils for wash and dry-brushing.
I did have some fit issues with the cowl sub-assembly to the fuselage but all in all I enjoyed this kit. Lessons learned will be applied to the A-36 kit I have in my stash.
Keep it fun!

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22 responses

  1. Just love Allison powered Mustangs, this one looks great!

  2. Fine looking Stang! As Robert said, there is a special place in my heart for Allison Mustangs.

    • Thanks, Andrew. I too am partial to the early models. Out of the Allison powered I really like the first built XP's...very clean. But of all 51's, my favorite is the B/C's. Thanks again!

      • Gotta say too, from here, I cant see where you had issues with the cowling, looks good!

        I just finished a Tamiya B model recently, as well as my A-36. I've also got an F-6, and numerous D's queued up, and just started an ICM C model earlier this week. Id like to find an early one with the wing mounted cannons too.. I just like Mustangs, what can I say? Looking forward to seeing your A-36 too!

        • Andrew. The fit issue was more along the bottom. I reshaped the miss-fit with putty, sanded to shape and smoothed with Mr. Color 500 and thin CA glue. Followed by rescribing any lost panel lines.
          I too have the Tamiya B/C and D, as well as the new Eduard kit, on my stack...Maybe in 2020 I'll get to some more P-51's.
          Thanks, again!

  3. These early Allison Mustangs are something special...The purebred pony before it was made into the heavier later models... and yours looks excellent.


  4. Beauty and thanks for the heads up about the cowl issue

  5. Great job on this Gary.

  6. Looks great! Wow - those massive tail numbers...never noticed that before...

  7. looks terrific...accurate miniatures can be a bear at the nose section...slickist i've seen a guy ran a little revell contacta on the female fuselage and a few drops of thick superglue there also...then held the nose to fuselage and stung the joint with some accelerator where it quickly set up...then repeated on the other side...the avenger is tuff too

  8. Another nice build Gary. A pity Accurate miniatures is so hard to find these days: they do a great Mustang series. The A-36 is a great kit too, with a great service history & lots of scope for weathering as they worked hard.

  9. Nice Pony Gary, Accurate Miniatures build some great variations of the Allison Mustangs , too bad they went under. However, their molds live on and some have been reproduced by Academy and Italeri.

  10. That is a great looking pony! This kit is a classic, by now. I built one as a teen (the RAF version with the cannons and camera) which ended up broken years later...while scavenging it up for parts, I found out I used a spacer made of a trimmed q-tip handle inside the nose section. I am pretty sure I didn’t read about it back then, and I sure don’t remember doing that, but it was there and it was really surprising. The A-36 version is very nice, too. I built it rather recently and followed the advice of attaching the nose halves to the fuselage, which helps a lot. Again, very nice build of the prettiest pony!

  11. Thanks, Thiago. When I build my A-36 I will have to keep the fuselage build hint in mind.

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