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1/48 scale monogram-(? ) f-100d thunderbird

January 17, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 2.8K

RALPH J. MAGLIONE and I grew up together in Portage Lakes, Ohio, which is 7 miles South of Akron, Ohio/U.S.A.

I have other written data concerning Ralph's USAF history and I produced a 38.27 minute color/silent 16mm film of the air show at our Akron-Canton, Ohio airport on October 1,1966, featuring the "Thunderbird's F-100D Airshow." If you want any item, please email me at my internet email: [email protected].

The scale kit came with an excellent set of decals and it had Ralph's name on the decal sheet.

The model was built "oob". I did not take hardly any "in-progress" building photos. I did make an aluminum refueling probe.

I used Dupont's Automotive Lacquer paint with their #3062 lacquer thinner as regular house-hold lacquer thinner will not work with Dupont's paint. My colors were "red, white, blue and water-clear-CLEAR paints. I also used the new SnJ Aluminum paint along with its' polishing powder. The model was first painted with the white, then it was masked off and painted with the red then the blue.

I cut around each blue star and all the other letter's on the decal sheet, including the center's of the "A's and O's. etc. I carefully applied them to the model using my MicroSet which had been mixed with the MicroSol as one solution back in the mid 1980's.

I added a stainless steel tube to the top aft fuselage to represent the item that squirts out some type of oil which will burn and leave a white cloud behind the jets during their maneuver's. It can be turn on and off by the pilot in the cockpit.

I clear coated the model with Dupont's "Clear-Coat" lacquer. The model look's as good today as the photo show it in 2000.

Enjoy Rodney

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  1. This is one of my favorite builds that you have ever done. It's right up there with the red / white Race #57 F2G...

    Thanks for sharing the story behind it.


    • SnJ paint::::: Someone said that it's no longer available. I checked Roll Models,,,,,,and the owner sold the business to some other company and I could not find the SnJ. Then I tried my long time company of Scalehobbyist and they don't have it either...but they still have Tamiya's X-32 Titanium Silver.

      BTW: I have used Tamiya paints that I bought 20+ year's ago and they are still good...same for Testor's and Model Masters paints.

  2. Nicely done Rodney, didn't know you were a Buckeye. I'm also quite familiar with the area where you were born, as I was born in Ravenna, Ohio, class of 1948. Good looking Hun.

  3. Very good, thanks for sharing. Since I love the F-100 in these colors, I also made one myself some time ago, but at 1/72.

  4. Hello Rodney,
    I normally say: "Monogram always good".
    Well this model is the icing on the cake. Superb
    I hope the "old"designers of Monogram can see this masterpiece..
    Regards, Dirk - The Netherlands.

  5. To you 6 modelers...thanks for all the comments.. and especially about Ohio...I'm class of 1950 @ Coventry High School in Portage Lakes.

    I wonder since Monogram is no longer in business, if that kit is still out there. Scott Bell who was making the SnJ Spray Metal Aluminum paint sold that business and it was still available a few years ago...Best aluminum paint on the market...And I have used the polishing powder on a "Cotton-Q-Tip" and lightly rub it on other parts to show some weathering. It's 6:15am here in California; guess I'll go hunt up another SnJ model.

    Thanks for all your replies! RJW

  6. This is a real beaut. The finish is amazing especially since you painted most of it. Outstanding. Nice story too about the pilot and the air show. I always liked SNJ products, finally ran out, too bad it isn't made anymore.
    Thanks for posting your model.

  7. The SnJ was still out there..See Roll Models and Scalehobbyist.

  8. Nice work. Nothing say's 50's 'high-tech' like the Super Saber.

  9. Rodney, very nice HUN! Ralph Maglione was the Wing Commander at Williams AFB, AZ in 1971-72 when I was going through USAF Pilot School. He made it a point to get to know us "lowly students". He was a great leader and great pilot. He gave me my Pilot's Wings at our graduation on 28 FEB 1972. I'm honored to have known him.

  10. One of the best NMF I've seen. Hope I can pull off that level of finish someday. Bravo!

  11. Hello Rodney...That's a super build in keeping with all your fine modeling work. Those Thunderbird markings look great on your Super Sabre. An outstanding build for sure.

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