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Last build of last year…first build of this year. Mengs 1/48 Me-410 heavy fighter.

This was meant to be the last build of the year but she stretched into the first week of the new as it got away from me. I kept her very simple and just tried to concentrate on my paintwork more than anything. I'm still debating if i should have used blutac or similar for the edging but i do prefer just free handing it as i feel it gives a more natural look. Minimal weathering, oil wash and some pigments finished her off.

The Quickboost spinner and prop kit was used as the supplied set is rather terrible and really takes away from what is otherwise a very neat little kit.

Hope you all had a bit of a break from the eternal slog in the last few weeks, and here's to a good year of modelling and life in general to look forward to chaps, cheers.

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  1. Looks great Jimmy. Without bluetac the camo scheme looks great as well! Happy 2020!

  2. Nice job! Freehand works best with German mottled schemes in my opinion.

  3. Really nice job with this one Jimmy. Stay safe down there you hear.

  4. Don’t think most luftwaffe fighters fuselage camouflage was made using whatever sort of masks, but if my assumption is wrong you bet that in models they always look far better when made freehand like your splendid 410. Thumbs up! It’s not often we see the Hornisse presented in these pages, so thanks for posting!

  5. Great looking kit Jimmy. 40 klicks is too close for me. Stay safe!

  6. That is a lovely clean build!

  7. Really fine work on your 410 Jimmy.

  8. It must be a sign - I was just reading about the 210/410 night before last, and thinking, "I need to build a 110 and a 210/410 soon," and now - zowwie, what a nicely done piece of inspiration! Karma?

  9. Very nice work. You must have enjoyed the shows.

  10. Great looking bird, well done 👍

  11. I like everything about this one Jimmy ! @hetstaine

    Well done my friend.

    I pray for you guys down there... Maybe you all will get some rain soon. I'm a former firefighter, and I have seen firsthand what these fires can be like. Devastation and loss of life are horrible things. Be safe my friend.

    • No worries Louis, we're all good mate unlike many others. Part and parcel of the land, we made it through Tracy and some smaller cyclones in the '70's and '80's and the Brisbane floods in the '10's. Thankfully the fires are far enough away from us. Any hint of emergency in our area and we are gone! My old man got caught in the Blue Mountain fires in the '60's and made us all well aware of how terrifyingly quick fire is. Cheers mate and thanks 🙂

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