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Mirage F1 AZ 1/32 Scale, Scratch Build. Part 18

January 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 21 · 2.4K

Well, its time for the 2nd last post. The build is completed, under wing stores and drop tank have been installed.

Just waiting for the custom decals to arrive and put on and then I can truly say that this mammoth built is complete.

This has been by far the greatest challenge of my limited scratch building skills, I have battled through frustration and almost gave up on the project on a few occasions, this has been the only build that I have done in 2019 and was started in the middle of January 2019 till now. Needless to say, I am happy with the end result.

The next project will be the MB 326 or commonly known as the Atlas Impala Mk 1. Another project to look forward to.

I hope you guy's have enjoyed the build as much as I did.



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  1. This has been an incredible journey ! To watch something magically appear from some flat card stock, some wooden molds and a vacuum forming machine is simply amazing... I thank you for taking the time to post this build step by step for us to enjoy, all while answering the various questions that have been presented to you by others, (myself included). It's a stunning model, as is your display case !

    Thanks for also providing the inspiration to get on with scratch building some things. This is something I have wanted to do for ages, but only recently attempted at this level.

    Currently I am working on replacing the main landing gear wells on my 1/48 Monogram B-24 J Liberator. If I hadn't seen how much can be accomplished by master builders like you, I would not have dared this before ...

    Your model is definitely worthy of the "Model of the Month" if they were still doing this. The pilot figure is outstanding and lifelike as well... Here is another area where my skills are lacking. Who knows ? Before it's too long, you just might get me painting figures too...

    Thanks for everything my friend. Your the best.


  2. Congratulations an incredible job to see from your first post to this end I think an incredible job with great planning.

    good job

  3. Limited scratch building skill you say? Blimey! Wonder what piece of art are you going to do when you improve even further your talent Marc 🙂
    This Mirage is one of the best true scratch works I’ve seen, and feel privileged to see you doing it so well documented. Congratulations and thank you!

  4. Man - you are such a tease! I glanced at the headline photo and thought - DONE - then saw it was still missing decals... I also must laugh at your determination of "limited" scratch building skill... If you call that limited, then I'm still in the womb!

    Welcome to 2020 Marc - and I am really looking forward to the Atlas! I have a couple MB 326's to build in S. American livery...

  5. Amazing build Marc. If you take on builds this challenging, completing one build a year is no surprise, believe me I know. Not the quantity of builds counts, but the quality. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Happy 2020!

    • Indeed Michel, these builds do take time, the trick is to build each section as a project on its own, this is what keeps me motivated. Thanks for the kind comment.

  6. "limited scratchbuilding skills"?

    You obviously have a different definition of that term than I do.

    This is really great work!

  7. Hello Marc,
    I can only say one thing: "Master Scratch Modeler"
    Happy Modeling in 2020.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  8. Marc you are a MASTER of the true craft of model building. Putting a kit together and shooting paint at it is NOTHING in comparison to what you have achieved. This is a model to be proud of. Well done!

  9. Well all I can say is that this model looks even more impressive in the "flesh"
    Well done bud on a terrific build. I can only but dream that I someday...

  10. Terrific scratch build! Hats off to you! Great work!

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