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My second super constellation

February 7, 2020 · in Aviation · · 4 · 1.9K

Take notice of my first photo and you will see that the decals are breaking up while still on the decal sheet. I got out my "MAT's" decal sheet and chose to use the other "USAF" decals, so it was "goodby" to my planned TWA airliner.

I inspected the model to see if there was any imperfections before I applied the other decals and I noticed a slight blemish on the inside of the windscreen. There was a tiny hole in it and I had no idea why I did not see it before I installed the w/screen. I poked my cutting knife into it and began to cut out the clear windscreen. I had no other windscreen to use so I just filled the gap with sheet styrene and applied some window decals that were on the decal sheet.

Looking at the model from the front I noticed that the main left gear was only setting on its' outside tire. Lucky for me as I used white glue to install all 3 gear struts. I just braced the model on it's top side and made sure I did not damage my antenna wire, then I put a drop of clean water on the strut/socket joint. About a minute later I could mover the gear strut slightly, so I set the model back on my work bench and carefully aligned the strut so that all the wheels were resting on the table top. The model stayed there overnight and then I put it out in my show case with my other "CONNIE."

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  1. Another beautiful Connie! Well done, Rodney. You really amaze me with your patience while doing decals. I USED to have that kind of patience, but not so much these days. Here's a big "Atta Boy" for the save on that windscreen, too! I especially like this one because the wing tip tanks make it look like the two I flew in from NYC to Rio de Janeiro in 1958 then back in 1959 courtesy of Varig Airlines. Lots of great memories!

  2. What a shame to abandon the perfect combination of a connie and the red & white TWA scheme. Have you tried using Micro-Scale liquid decal film? I've salvaged some pretty old, cracked decals with it.

  3. The model was built in 2012 so I have no idea if I tried to save the decal's and if I did they would be on the model. I over coated decal in the past with Future, then cut them out and put them in water and they did not come apart.

  4. Great work. Thank you for sharing with Your tool And technique photos.
    Still looking for a scribe tool that lies good in my hand. Did you make your own ?

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