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Lockheed Constellation ("Connie") - a propeller-driven airliner built by Lockheed between 1943 and 1958.

Vintage BuildsMonogram Classic Lockheed Constellation

I don't have any vintage kits built, at least none that I want to take pictures of as they were built decades ago. But I am working on a classic Monogram kit from 1956. It's a Lockheed Super G Constellation in box scale. It was a gift from [...]

Pan Am Lockheed L-1049 Constellation

Pan Am had a fleet of more than 30 L-049s and L-749s, it also leased a few of these L-1049s from Eastern Airlines

Pan Am Lockheed L-049 Constellation Heller 1/72

I originally built this 35 years ago, I removed the landing gear and refurbished it. I'm displaying my models at where I'm curator.

What **** is that. well it’s a WV-1E.

This is my take on the sole WV-2E[EC-121L] an experimental aircraft with probably the first to use a rotating radome, later seen on the E-2 and E-3 AWAC. it housed an APS-82 radar, a program that eventually canceled. It first flew in [...]

My second super constellation

Take notice of my first photo and you will see that the decals are breaking up while still on the decal sheet. I got out my "MAT's" decal sheet and chose to use the other "USAF" decals, so it was "goodby" to [...]

Big Heller Lockheed Constellation

This is the Heller Lockheed Constellation, in 1/72nd scale. The model is big, with a length of about 22 inches, and a span of about the same. Not only is the kit big, I added a bunch of weight in the nose, making the model nose-heavy and [...]

Nosing across the finish line just before midnight….

Well...a few days before midnight! My goal was to finish my VF-142 F-4B before the New Year and I made it! The Academy kit is over all pretty good, there are a few well documented areas that need addressing, but overall it is a fun build [...]

1/144 Super Constellation L1049 by Revell

Lucky to have found this 1986 vintage kit at an old hobby shop in Hillsboro Oregon. I've great childhood memories of flying an Eastern Connie - Chicago MWD to Miami MIA in the late '50's. The build, a typical Revell was simple & [...]

Ready to start building again!

Well after a move up the coast, trauma from incompetent movers, lots of work the smaller West Seattle man cave (Man cubby?) is ready to build in. Flipped a coin between the USS Livermore and the great 109 kit I won here last month, and as [...]

President Eisenhower’s “Columbine III” Heller 1/72 Super Connie

I personally don't think there was a more beautiful airliner ever made than the Constellation, and I like the Super Constellation with its long lean look to be the best of the bunch. Doing it in simple natural metal, as President [...]