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Tupolev G-1, Aviaarktika, MikroMir 1: 72

February 23, 2020 · in Aviation · · 23 · 3.6K

The TB-1 is the world's first production all-metal twin-engine bomber. Free-bearing monoplane with a thick multi-spar wing, corrugated skin. The aircraft was developed in 9 months and built from kolchugaluminium in 1925. The red army air force was in service until 1936. The first TB-1 entered civil aviation in 1933. since 1935, obsolete bombers under the G-1 brand began to be transferred to the aviation of the Main Directorate of the Northern Sea Route. All weapons were removed, the openings of machine-gun turrets were usually sewn up with a sheet, and a roof was mounted over the pilots ' seats. These planes were usually used as cargo planes, but sometimes they also carried passengers. Most of them were operated on the outskirts of the country: in Siberia, the far East and the Far North. For example, they served the route Irkutsk-Chita, flew along the Yenisei and Lena. The metal airframe demonstrated excellent survivability in non-hangar storage conditions in the rain and snow. They flew on wheels, skis, and floats.

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  1. Brilliant model Pavel, thumbs up!

  2. Ok, here is the deal ...there aught to be a law on the board ; No Perfect Models.

    Said while standing, clapping and whistling from the nose bleed seats in the stadium of modeling excellence.

    Impressive to say the least.

    Thank you for sharing Pavel.

    Two thumbs up.

  3. Man I really like that! Especially as orange is my favorite color! Just great and different!

  4. Very nice work and subject.

  5. Wow...really nice job here. The detail is amazing! I had to look at the title again to believe it was 1/72.


  6. Excellent, interesting model!
    Special points for the finish, as I know how annoying it is to airbrush orange (all poor qualities of red and yellow together :)).

  7. That’s a great subject and you’ve really done it justice!

  8. Amazing! well done, such a fine build, and in 1/72! WOW

  9. Wow! What a beautiful model!

    Outstanding work, Pavel!

  10. What and outstanding model- in every respect! I am deeply impressed.

  11. Truly excellent in all ways. A tremendous result.

  12. Beautiful machine. Nice work! Great to see Soviet aircraft covered.

  13. Awesome attention to detail and great finish. Well done.

  14. Beautiful! A total knockout!

  15. Beautiful and anew aircraft I'd never heard of.

  16. That really is a beautiful build, and I love unusual subjects. I may have to get one of these...!

  17. that is so cool

  18. What a fantastic looking aircraft...well done

  19. Simply an astonishing finish, considering how corrugated skins are challenges for sanding or painting! Also impressive is the fine rigging.
    I like it.

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